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The second is the content of

. This is the website must have something. The website content is like a person without soul, to lose flesh. And the content of the site for a railway station or not plays a decisive role. Then when the receiving station, first check the website, then add content, update the content. In this step, the author used the three steps: the first step is to write original articles. Many people think that websites are not included, just write articles useful? Here I want to say is that the original content is spiders "abalone, bird’s nest" to write their thinking. The second step, add the inner chain, when the writing appeared with the site in line with another article, but also the time, then to add anchor text, tips here can increase in the chain. The third step after writing the content, I put every article URL copied to the search engine to search again, the purpose of doing so is to let the search engine query left some traces of the above three points, the station part even if it is done.


. This is a combat theater to experience a cinema, some time ago just took an enterprise stand, the enterprise stand age is three months, so when a theater to take over the station, the other requirements of the site was collected within three days. Through a series of optimization methods, and finally in the evening on the line, the search engine is the author of the site, and release is a snapshot of ten hours ago. So this is how to do it? By what method can let the site so fast was included? Actually I just follow the said of the bad pole method is used. Do not underestimate these methods rotten, he deep in the mystery of which few people can explore the understanding, this article to write today is not to show off, but to share a little of his own experience for everyone, for reference

first checks the original website code. I received this station, analyzes the structure of the site, streamlining the code, code optimization. Through the review of this website source to see where the JS code is not encapsulated, or directly into the. This effect is relatively large, because the search engine is generally not aware of this code, because this code and sometimes may delay included or not included because there is, I have several friends are not included because of this reason, the author finally gave them a check web site, let the JS code package. Just let the website to see the sun come out, snapshot. According to the author’s experience, the first step to make the site quickly included is to check the site there is a bad behavior, can not ignore this, because your site has not been included, if included, the search engine will give a certain observation period, so we should take the examination. Do know, victorious.

This is not a problem in

is the chain. For a new station, the chain is not the more the better, if too many words, may cause by the search engine included that in order to speed up the batch of chain. So a new.

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