Still outside the chain of high quality chain is the best of the chain

let me talk about my own operation site, in general, simple enterprise station included in the normal weight, about 1 can be appropriate to do some friends of the chain, the general exchange of 30-50, ranking is very awesome, but it is in the station optimization with the situation, then why the high quality of the chain is a chain of the best

first chain is between the home and the home page links, we all know that the first page of the weight is the highest, the most frequently updated, the spider climbs the most diligent and the page, the chain is directly displayed on the home page, the weight transfer is critical.

Effect of ?

first said my situation here, this is my home network company, currently operating here are more enterprise station, station business requirements are relatively low, generally do several main keywords, but also have a common is, Internet companies are single and few people, so this will give people create a pressure, because a person may be responsible for many stations, so this time, the construction of the chain many station it is not so easy, and there is no time to send information to the global forum every day, as do content, assessment, analysis and so on, so this time, in the blog the forum, classified information on time, the hair of the chain on the way is not allowed, then how do this time? Don’t send the chain? Of course not, but this time, we will have to change a The way to do not blindly to do, we have to do the best of the chain, the chain effect is the largest, so what is the best of the chain? My view is that the chain is the best of the chain.

in Shanghai Longfeng work, we do the construction of the two aspects of the work is the content and links, it can also reflect the importance of links and content, how to get the content, can write their own, or to collect such links; so how do the construction? Do we have to go to each big day forum posting replies to desperately take a hard.? but this chain can survive long, and how much? Today come and talk about something that link building.

chain expression is a natural link, does not affect the spider crawling and user experience. Friends of the chain is discussed and the administrator administrator added, also at a specific location, will not affect the user experience, instead of the same industry exchange links are beneficial to the user experience; so we compared in some forums, blogs, classification of information in these places outside the chain, you can clearly feel the gap. On those pages, we sent the URL, the link is not natural, is not conducive to the user experience, and easily blocked, another is the inside pages of the weight is not high, do not be very meaningful, if not related to the crop to smaller pages.

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on contrast chain and the chain of the post today simple to say, far more than these two points, then what kind of link is good for our website

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