Three search giant cooperation to promote the unified format label web content

Engineer Ramanathan · Guha (Ramanathan Guha) wrote in a blog: "we will continue to make an open network with richer content, more practical." "We know the webmaster to spend a lot of time and energy to add such a marker for their own web pages, but if every search engine requires the use of different formats of tags, add tags work will be more difficult."

) The website aims to provide "one-stop service for website creators to create data label". Microsoft will be the partner program director Mcedi (Steve Macbeth) said: "we want to allow publishers to better describe their own website, so as to give us a better understanding of." He said: "we put it ( site) as an important step for the development of the Internet, it can simplify the website administrators, and provide consumers with more rich and more targeted search results." (Liu Chun

search field competition jointly launched a "" initiative, advocating a common format "mark" ", which contains the data can make the search engine to better understand the content of the web site.


at present, the web site producer identifies a variety of options, Google, Microsoft and YAHOO that if the use of a common standard, would mean reducing the workload of website maker, and search ranking results can be more accurate.

(source: NetEase technology report)

NetEase Francisco June 1st message, according to foreign media reports, Google, Microsoft and YAHOO are cooperation, propelled by labeling the standard format of the website content, want the search engine to better sort the search results and the ranking of search results.

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