Zhong Zhixin how to add anchor text links at the end of the world

If you want to see the original

visited Tianya Tianya all know, there is no edit box, only text or pictures. Then I whim, then use the bar code, there may be a miracle. When I was watching the news, just in the news pages of news selection, access to relevant code directly to the end of the world on the hair. This code should be called a tags, I don’t know. < A href= is this, if not called a tags that please, my good correction. If you want to know what, please pay attention to Zhong Zhixin’s blog. I am almost all forum Tianya hair stick, finally, there is a forum to succeed, there are pictures and the truth, please see below:

anchor text, English named anchor text, in fact is the anchor text link text. The assessment can be used as anchor text anchor text in the page content. Normally, the increase of the link page will have a certain relationship with the content of the page itself. It is a simple point is the hyperlink, click on the specific text, can jump to the specified page. I believe that we are not unfamiliar. The anchor text can not only enhance the site keywords ranking, but also bring traffic, is Shanghai dragon essential stuff.

or is not clear to my blog friends, can click on the picture you can enter into this post Tianya page, this account is not what special account, is the ordinary account, and it seems to be sealed, anyway, now this account is unable to send a card on the horizon from the chart above, we can see that this forum is Tianya by talk.

the ancient war is very opportune, we add the anchor text in the horizon is about luck and patience. This forum is to Tianya by talk of artificial audit, so the staff will convert code into the anchor text, if not released in the audit so displayed is a series of code, I believe that as long as the audit section, you can add anchor text. Knowing this point is of no use, luck also accounted for a large part of the proportion, is not to say that as long as the manual review section will show the anchor text, seemingly also depends on the horizon of the staff will not code, because I was a success, the second time I send the same content but, that is the source code, and shows no anchor text. There is a need to have patience, after all, also said, unless you have very good luck to a fix, to.

anchor text in the higher the weight of the website that keyword ranking also more easily in front, do not know how, I think of you. How to add your own website in the horizon above the anchor text? I don’t know, I’m in the major search engines didn’t see related articles introduced how to add the. I also put this question in the area of the webmaster forum, but give me a reply or say can not add, or that he did not know.

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