Whether a link should be in the original article

related operations?In fact,

: my article is very well written, there should be reproduced. Add a few links can help spread.

two: I’m going to contribute, if not a copyright link is not a waste of

Sina blog made an experiment in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, when more links in the article, in fact, more difficult to be included in the search engine. We know the reason why every link is actually the keyword explanation, and search engine is facing public users, if there are too many high-end need to explain the words "in an article, then the search engine will think this article is not suitable for ordinary users, the nature in each link included, ranking no competition advantage.

three: anyway, I must add the contents of several links, because others are doing ah, must be right.

compared to the previous pure advertising links, more and more friends have on the quality of content, and then put their links with in. On their website to some of the core keywords and anchor text, contribute to others on the platform at the end of leaving an original link. I believe these actions we are not unfamiliar, so whether we should go to carry out these operations, or what should we do for


any website, that link is essential, but the problem in the chain is now slowly valued by everyone, so for their own original articles, many of my friends think: if I should add some link, what should I believe and what link? This problem has plagued many webmaster friends here, the guardian, Kun yuan to publish their views.

indeed have this kind of idea is right, there is reasonable. Especially for some new sites, this approach can play a very good role in the spider. This operation has no ground for blame but for most, more than half a year, has formed a trust web site in the search engine, also need to add links? Guard Yuan Kun felt completely unnecessary, because the basis of course say so.

for linking problem, guardian before Yuan Kun wrote the article explained: a page with a different key words don’t add links, different keywords do not add the same link, a link to the page is best kept at about three. Of course, this is just an estimate of a basic idea and implementation method. So in the specific content of time should pay attention to what the problem? I find many of my friends have this habit.

so what circumstances should link? In fact, many of my friends have talked about this problem: you add a link if there is a desire to allow users to click on. It is straightforward to explain, if the user feels a need to link here, rather than the operators think there should be a link. If there is no need to click on the link, so not worth mentioning. I believe this problem also have a lot of friends not to think of it. Anyway, people with links, I also added, only this.

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