The search engine more and more user experience

today and we said a lot to improve the user experience degrees, we hope to maintain a high execution, these things really do, only in this way our website will excel. This paper is composed of Shijiazhuang network company original reproduced please specify the address of plain white rice,

three, reduce the website links to death. Do the 404 page, reduce the rate of jump out, and do not easily change the site dynamic and static, do not easily delete something, because it will bring a large number of dead links, links not only affect the user experience, serious will be love Shanghai right down, you can use the noble baby management tools to check their website, see if save a lot of dead link.

, a website access speed. The user will click on the website in search of something, but open a page has to go into the family, had to leave to see other people’s things. So the website access speed is very important, this is also a lot of people do before selecting the server, would rather spend money to buy expensive space speed up stable point, this is necessary, want to have a good ranking must first ensure fast access speed.

has always been everyone in that the influence factors of the website rankings, some people say that the original content plays a key role, some people say the high quality of the chain is the most important, it is not Links role, but I think that in addition to these, the search engine should pay more attention to the user experience degrees. Whether it is a search engine or something for our users have become increasingly demanding, love Shanghai also hope that more people support, so in order to get love Shanghai try to punish the user experience is not high site, improve the quality of the search, and we can only cast the webmaster love sea, to the user experience well today plain white rice! From the following aspects to share the way to improve the user experience.

four, the website appears less typos. At present, the popularization of the computer and fewer handwriting, it also makes people fast typing typos more likely, typos will let users find your site is not normal, no credibility, so you want him to be your back, this is too hard. In addition the content of website products in places such as graphic display, must be neat layout is reasonable, the blank spaces to wrap wrap, let others think that it is normal and reliable enterprise.

, thank you!

two, page design is elegant. Said the "atmosphere" of designers are often do, this is not the so-called atmosphere is in order to keep Weakness lends wings to rumours., visitors, both from the visual and feel comfortable to enjoy here, including the site of the background color, text color, text color and background collocation, text font size, the style of the website and whether the collocation, these are the need to comply with the visual psychological habits, it is necessary to make the page design.

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