The Shanghai dragon title writing you need to know

now is about Shanghai dragon Title writing. The author will be divided into the following aspects: optimizing the title page, web page classification, content pages, text, tab page. The following will be for everyone to resolve.


but by "keyword" in Shanghai love was ranked at around 45, Shanghai love index was 200+, according to the word, the author through soft writing strengthen the internal and external link anchor text, link and exchange, basic can in about a month’s time the word will be the first home page. But the author in the title writing intentionally "by" three words as the main keywords in the front row, because the words contained in the "fish" and "fish net", competition advantage. If the other keywords temporarily unable to bring you flow, you should try to make the first name of the site to occupy a favorable position, the rest can slowly optimize once the website name can occupy the home on the first position after a period of time, even once again adjust the main position for keywords in the search site name is not the first time.


, a web page

direction, the second main keywords in the location of part-time recruitment relatively broad term, this is because the site selected industry, do not have a relatively high index can accurately describe the site’s words, this choice will make the optimization more difficult.



love Shanghai index:

page title should contain the main keyword, the website name should be basically is the one and only, if you encounter a popular name, can be considered to increase the optimization efforts to ensure that appear in the position of the first search site name. The website does not appear popular vocabulary, as long as the site has a certain content as the basis for optimization of basic little difficulty. Said the following optimization at the hot words. For example, the recent Web site optimization by network (a web This site is as follows in the "happy fish net" the keywords ranking:

is basically as long as keep the content updated without special optimization of Shanghai Longfeng rushed to the first position should be no problem.

The word According to the website

learning Shanghai dragon has a year’s time, I used to practice constantly to learn, for the optimization of the site also have a basic concept, so I want to write the text in the form of the experience this year, described in this paper are the author’s practice of income, some views may be fuzzy also, the reader to be real. Do Shanghai dragon this year the greatest experience is to bide, website optimization can not be done overnight, once and for all, must be after a long period of hard work to get valuable skills flow, good rankings are not the myriads of changes, overnight. The straight text.

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