The station optimization some of the views of the website user experience out rate

note: the user experience only on the bounce rate, as UI and UE etc. This article does not do this.

, a website jump out rate is


going on?


of the user experience

three, search engines understand the "bounce rate"

recently in the discussion and circle several webmaster friends search engine ranking algorithm, some problems related to the web page to the user experience, but also their own rhetoric, which relates to a website jump out rate, today "lost little reptile" is also put on this experience to summarize, share to the webmaster friends.

has said in the first point in the statistical code not to install the search engine provides the premise, the search engine user behavior data acquisition to the user to enter the station, then the search engine in the end is how to use the user experience of this dimension to affect the ranking? Bold speculation, because the search engine most of the behavior of both statistical data around the search box to start, so long as this depends on the browser’s search box, it can search by tracking a user behavior data in a period of time, the search terms and search query interval to determine the user’s real intention, so as to determine whether to solve the "click to enter the real demands of the user, to the quality of the web site or to the target page the user experience on rating. Of course, if the user has installed web site statistics code, then jump out rate and page average residence time will also join the evaluation index of the user experience, do affect the ranking weight distribution.

for personal webmaster more or less will use some data analysis tools, a station it estimated that most will use love Shanghai statistics and cnzz daily, when viewing the data will be exposed to the bounce rate this one bounce rate data, the popular talk is when a single user (UV) into your website. Do not have access to other pages directly off the page data ratio of UV and total UV data. Usually, this value can reflect your website content and website user experience is not user friendly friends, to facilitate website product manager can through these values to optimize the user experience of the website. But the data on the site did not increase the search engine statistics code (for example: love Shanghai Statistics) on the basis of the search engines is to get less, that is to say the webmaster in the discussion of the bounce rate will affect the suspect site ranking is not established, of course, the user experience of the website is a must one of the most important factors of keywords ranking, this provides in Shanghai official documents also repeatedly stressed. Then the influence factors of the user experience and discuss the bounce rate webmaster what is going on? Then I’ll share the road.

this title I also think for a long time, finally with the double quotes, understand the webmaster >

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