Why your website has yet to get the weight and ranking

we know, website optimization, keyword ranking is Shanghai dragon Er struggled to the pursuit of the goal, the conversion rate is our final result, but did not rank no traffic, if not the ranking of search engine optimization, then we have Er Shanghai Longfeng significance is very small, in this case the practice? Is the result of arch-criminal website or website weight fell step by step does not have any weight? The author and share the following points:

third, the website chain form is single and low quality. Now we have been discussing the content topic, the author does not deny the importance of the content, but for the site, outside the chain of moderation is very necessary, the author found that many enterprises station they will not to update the article, why a few years old.

first, your website on-line time is short or no attention to the optimization work. Site on-line time is short, generally refers to the new station on the line three months after the website does not have the weight and ranking are very normal, this time we do not need to have complained the unfair treatment of search engine, because the new assessment period is obvious to people, working in a is he did not pay attention to optimization, this point the author is to talk about, you may site on-line time is very long, a year or even years, but always ranked in the two or three page cannot enter the home page, I ask you to check on their own, you are really hard in the maintenance and operation of your website? This is not a large number of pseudo original update? Is not regularly doing? The chain is mainly from the signature in addition to irrigation irrigation also? In fact, here it is easy to understand, you go-slow Guide By the biggest killer website ranking stagnant, if you really have the above problem I hope you as soon as possible if the above problems when you start with a clean slate, there does not exist, all of it, Congratulations, we enter the second point.

second, your writing is to do in the search engine. Many webmaster in time to update the content of the original article is no problem, every day in the update also persisted, but when you open their website to read the article, you will be immediately at a loss, because their articles are only for the search engines in order to love to do in Shanghai, the author illustrates, for example the article is aimed at the characteristics of their products, at the time of writing not to stand in the customer perspective to write, not for detailed to introduce products, but to gather enough words, East, West pull pull pull. It is easy to write the 300 word essay (300 words more than you think you, look on keywords), anchor text, all within the chain is dazzling, the article is for customer service, but this article users read on vomiting, search engine will naturally abhor pain, because the optimization of color you are too strong, strong search engine to see through, you will not love you in Shanghai, this is not really a fool? This article can have weight and ranking, the search engine, engineers had to go back to the land.

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