How can we change the face of search engines on the site for subtle changes a

minor modifications

for the title

for the site of the title of the fine modification, we all know the title of the website is a sign of a website to show users and search engines, and can also be taught as the center of the title theme website, with the Shanghai love algorithm since the recent continuous adjustment, the emergence of a part of the website title and website content is not consistent the case, which has been a part of the site is down right, so it is imperative to modify the title. Let me make a slight modification of examples:

K website

we look at an example: the

if I were minor modifications, I will not change the title on the basis of doing small changes, because this site is a rebate shopping network, then the rebate network trusted, the credibility of it is not appropriate, you do not match the contents show to the user, you must get a reliable title and what does that mean? The first step is to change this one, we will have to adjust the rebate rebate network of trusted network with high reputation, we can look at, it is only adjusted two words changed the meaning of the title, this is the title of the subtle changes, and behind this title is basically consistent with the theme of the site, so we can not modify.


has been updated, this is a webmaster forum in the countless words, search engine update for users may also enhance the user experience, and part of the webmaster search engine updates like a nightmare, yes, the search engine update means that some part of the site is down right and another part of the site is K off. Many sites are feeling confused, do not know how to modify the site, to conduct a comprehensive revision of the website also worried that this will accelerate the site of death, not to modify the site and fear the next update site will be K, so I think if there is the wrong place to change, but we can not comprehensive revision, we can carry out minor modifications, then what is the minor modifications of

so-called minor modifications with my words, just modify the wrong place, if a web site has a problem, then we have the problem specifically for this part of the link is modified, so that we can ensure that the site health at the same time is still ahead, following to see how we modify it slightly website.


this site is mainly to do weight loss drug Taobao customers, and now is a K website, we look at the title of the website, in 2012 the word weight loss drug list with well, not what a big problem, but behind this sentence appeared very many questions for you the Taobao reputation of the best and most effective weight loss drug reduction >

let’s take a look at this website title:


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