From scratch on webmaster how to do long tail keywords optimization

can be seen from the query tool can be found in the women’s, keywords expansion out of the top eight of the long tail keywords the competition degrees are very intense, and competitive nature also increased the difficulty of optimization. If you just need to improve the competition with the key words of with difference >


first select the popular long tail keywords for the website. Why choose the most popular type of long tail keywords to do long tail keywords site? There are two reasons for this, if you choose a too popular long tail keywords optimization, although it is easy to get good rankings, but the traffic is not stable, after all, some long tail keywords may be some users temporarily Impromptu search. Two better understand their optimal strength. After all, not its challenging the choice competition is to improve their optimal strength without much help, as the saying goes, there is competition to improve. So, we choose the long tail keywords, it is best to choose the natural search volume ranked the top ten, so in the optimization process ensure his words went up to get the optimal flow, but also to improve their strength for the optimization of the foundation. For example, such as my site type is a joke type, the natural flow of the long tail keywords ranking so I choose keywords from nature is the words "joke" extended out before ten as the focus of the site optimization of long tail keywords. This is to prevent his choice of the long tail keywords after optimization of flow up or pathetic. At the same time, the long tail keywords flow is relatively high which also showed the correlation with the site is very high, this is a very critical point.

for now increasingly saturated site ranks, want to own site to rely on the persistence of talent shows itself, is no longer the best way, after all of your opponents in progress at the same time as well as in progress, until the opponent takes a long time, but at this time, we have been silently keep himself without the flow of the site, not to mind taking the trouble to update, increase the chain? In fact, many webmaster said can insist, but also have some really do? And as the bitter initiative, I suggest, such as where you choose too popular keywords, the degree of competition is very large, it doesn’t the relationship, without thinking about how long it can go, after all, this is not reliable, we can go on from another angle, when I didn’t grasp the popular keyword optimization Go up, if I can choose other keywords to optimize it, such as the long tail keywords. So for the long tail keywords and how we should plan step by step to choose the optimal extension analysis? The author today to talk about their experiences to share, how to do the long tail keywords optimization strategy.

Long tail keywords

improved the long tail keywords. Now is not the main keyword is very competitive, even some extremely strong correlation between the long tail keywords is very competitive. As the women’s long tail keywords, the keywords of the expansion out as shown in figure



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