Lu Songsong speed may not affect search rankings

now, the website open speed affect user experience is one of the most important factors, and the quality of the user experience affect search rankings, but from Matt Cutts’s words can be seen in the speed of the site will be more and more small, this is a trend.

Matt Cutts said:

website loading speed is affected by many factors in the region, bandwidth and speed and other factors will affect the site loading speed. Therefore, if only to "site speed" to judge the user experience of the website seems to be arbitrary, the Google Matt Cutts said, in order to solve this problem will improve. Perhaps in the future, the influence will gradually reduce the speed of the site.

"we have said before, we do not use the page loading speed determines our ranking. If your site loading speed is really, really slow, but all things are equal. Because the site is placed in the world, and all over the world have different bandwidth and speed, if you read this one from your home in the vicinity of the site, of course, fast speed, and on the other side of the website will be very slow.

so noble baby will not be across the board, we will continue to improve the method to determine whether a site speed, and try to find out whether the "meaningful."

if two different sites, so parameters and optimization are the same, the ranking of web page open speed slow be poor, but recently Matt Cutts in a Webmaster Help video "web page loading speed is affect search rankings" discussed in this topic, gives a let exciting answer.

source: Lou loose blog

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