How to quickly get the keyword ranking

2, the breakdown of

1, keywords ranking planning


Keywords We

example: query a web site to do hardware accessories industry, from the title, do sign, but the website classification signs, nameplate, hardware accessories, there are two key words ranking, and >

different industries different keywords his ranking cycle is not the same, quickly get keywords ranking, maybe some words are verified to get ranked, love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know that these rankings are very difficult to put him over the past. He may not like what price fast, natural ranking is a ranking cycle, a ranking period is three months, there is a cycle of several small in proportion to each month, spiders will be included with your new content, large sites, if every day included is a waste of resources, generally three to four a month has a deep grasp, if revised, have a good ranking did not fall, if after the revision, more than 20 days later, keywords decline rapidly, some key words fell outside the 100. The natural ranking, fast is slow, slow is fast, the way we have optimized the system. Can not do some of the content and the chain to optimize the site.

a website: show a collection, calculation of the chain, the quality of the content, then ranked 30 to 100 after the show, we must make the top twenty keywords, love Shanghai will bring what kind of website is placed in the top twenty, Shanghai will send love to their base, optimization in place, the higher the users vote the quality of the site is placed in the top twenty. Optimization is not, do the chain, and content, set the title, which is not enough, the choice of keywords, flow and transformation of simplicity, user needs analysis, we find the value of where, to assess the value of their own website, why a website will have ranking, you have what advantage than the old website, home page keywords positioning, positioning plate, column column plate positioning, positioning of keywords, we need to do a set of optimization analysis. In this process, the ranking is a stage, if you know these, you will have a rapid ranking (in general for rattan design, customer design from a professional perspective in website design will meet the requirements of customers at the same time to meet the needs of the user satisfaction and exploration).

in 2009–2014, in the past few years, the optimization of change is particularly large, in 2009, a large number of keywords in the title, in these years, we are concerned about keyword density, behind our attention is the chain, then love Shanghai accumulation of keywords in the modified algorithm, love, Shanghai will punish you. The chain algorithm in change, because a lot of the chain is right down the site, the chain do have value, there are a lot of people, not the chain, because of the fear of love Shanghai love punishment, Shanghai launched some algorithms, pay more attention to industry segments and all kinds of fine points, such as in a certain area want to buy something, but can not find in this area, now more segments of the website, ranked first.

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