A5 optimization team Web site operators have to say hits

hits is the page by clicking on the number ratio of the number of pages in the search engine show, when a website its pages included is good, and when the ranking is also good, if the traffic is not too ideal if it’s hit rate is a problem, it is relatively easy to many people ignore, we can think about your traffic is how come, first of all, need to be included in the search engine, it exists in the database, then you also need to page ranking in the corresponding key words above, of course, the third step is to click, which is in turn occurs, a link no less, even if the front included, rankings are doing well, if your site no one click, it will not flow. Now the A5 station network of Shanghai dragon team, after years of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (www. Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) empirical analysis as follows:

when we write the page title, to study the key words, it is best to first establish a thesaurus, is to dig out the key words in the industry as much as possible, it represents the needs of users, and we write the title, is to try to match these words as much as possible to meet most people’s search habits, this will hit more keywords, so as to maximize your flow, for example some B2C industry website, the product page title it often contains the product brand, color, price and other important attributes, we must not casually write them, is done in data analysis. Of course, the title should be included in the name of your website, so you can build your brand, for consumers, a symbol of the strength of the brand, your brand show increased credibility in the search results page, click rate will enhance the natural.


even love Shanghai search open platform, in the title, will put these important attributes to display.

From the title to

when we put too much effort in the research of web content, keywords layout, the chain, whether you can jump out of the thinking, from another perspective to consider your site, and this point I want to say is the search engine results page. Your page do good, it shows in the search engine is only a small fragment, and in which only part of the show, we can do a lot of work, this work than you outside the chain, the PR value is much more valuable. So we should from where to start?

From the description of the

written, can greatly increase your click rate, the quality of Google guide in the webmaster, has repeatedly mentioned, there is a special section to teach us how to write a description, when creating the description of each site description should be unique, don’t use a batch description. When searching for a word, a URL web page you are ranking when the user does not know which URL>

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