Easy to make sharing webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in detail wrong

novice webmaster has just started to do the Shanghai dragon will follow the prescribed order in accordance with the formal rules of Shanghai dragon, all the black hat Shanghai dragon shield in the door, black hat Shanghai Longfeng profit the main feature is the fast track to the short-term interests of the cheating methods. But for some special industry site, by a short time traffic profit site, proper use of black hat Shanghai dragon is useful.

search engine is more and more high requirements on the original content, original content has been optimized for the problem of Shanghai dragon, "

robot files can reduce the spider to grab the website station, reduce the loss of dispersion of the weights of the website, originally added this file is Shanghai dragon optimize but because the webmaster can’t correct understanding of its writing, often wrong robots, serious can lead to web sites are serious drop right, and even lead to the spider can not be normal visit the site. For example, the robots file written to Disallow: /404.html, the website is to avoid the 404 page seemingly caused weight loss, is actually the wrong way, the spider on the 404 page prohibit access, actually 404 page has lost its meaning, causes the site with a lot of dead links, causes the site suffered unnecessary right down.

, love does not mean

love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot is a spider on the current page crawl returns filed, many owners in view of existing optimization: more new snapshot date, website weight value is high, whereas the lower ranked better. The fact proved to be sure that the snapshot and ranking it there is no direct relationship with the weight of the site snapshot update frequency.

anchor text can improve the keywords ranking, web site keywords ranking is mainly relying on the powerful link anchor text to complete, the search engine and user friendly experience, the anchor text effect might be the best effect in several links in the form. The construction of the chain anchor text within the common error phenomenon: different keywords, the page will also link to the same page, the spider can not determine which keywords is the main keywords of this page, page leads to dispersion weight, serious will cause the spider that is cheating.

three, robots file writing error

the Internet into people’s lives, the network marketing has become the main way of marketing enterprises, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is also valued by large enterprises, in view of the search engine algorithm update, the webmaster may make some mistakes in the details of the optimization process, the writer give you a summary of some common mistakes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization for everyone to share, learn together, also welcome to add communication.

The construction of the chain of

two, black hat Shanghai dragon can use

five, your writing is high quality original

four, the anchor text chain construction error

keywords ranking snapshot Shanghai

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