Don’t you consider it too obsessed with Shanghai Phoenix myth

Shanghai has slowly > 1. love

to write this article, not to say that Zhu Weikun is more niubable man, again, this is a love of Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, is the era of grassroots webmaster, also can be regarded as an Internet grass root, so not what cattle, is fond of writing about Internet articles of interest Shanghai dragon industry dynamic rendition of


2. love Shanghai attaches importance to the large formal forum, given a high weight "new information" ranking, let love home "Shanghai news" has another companion! Shanghai Longfeng people to see, basically in the laggards or A5 forum published article, can see the map below:

in the picture, the title, and description, is very classic, but this does not mean that this station is the most can show the status quo! Is not understand? So, please be patient and look down.

recently saw a Dongguan Shanghai, ranking the first site, have a friend a few days ago, I asked the station to find how so magical? The first map for everyone to see:

love Shanghai! ! .

3. a large number of K stations, many stations have been down the right, of course, some people are happy people worry, honest do stand, is generally the last laugh, only those who collected every day, ah, or just copy and paste the network responsible person will go to scold love Shanghai, in fact the original do not want to come up with it however, in order to show the love of Shanghai is just a platform, what he has no manual operation, should say



to write an article today, drawn from the past several relatively hot topic, also is the Shanghai dragon to rectify! This is not the final say, is the search engine they say, just have the experience to the people, just know, according to this, the author found a few examples to write this article:

Shanghai to love unwarranted charges

first, he this site, before there is a Wuhan Shanghai dragon, another Fuzhou Shanghai dragon, have been engaged in, this is not what the exception, but no pictures, too long, now I to restore the


, a Shanghai love to change


1. the motives of the people, all know love Shanghai some time ago to "love Shanghai SEO Guide 2" deleted, not exactly, it is closed, and then a series of micro adjustment, if sex optimization of Shanghai people do not understand even the love of Shanghai to formulate the rules of the game. What is love, optimization of Shanghai? So, I hope you pay more attention to the dynamic

recently love Shanghai has a lot of adjustments, but never one for example, can only say a few more valuable:

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