Analysis 360 and love Shanghai some comparative bidding


two major domestic search engine pay contrast promotion, can also get a lot of data from, for your reference:

relative to the Shanghai love function is more comprehensive, it is also the beginning of 360, the function is not so comprehensive.

… At the end of 2013, according to

360 each the lowest price is 3 cents to show love, and Shanghai is a key to business value pricing, not to generalize, but it seems no less than 3 words is 5 cents. That said 360 of the initial promotion price is not low but >?

two, flow conversion compared to

360 and love Shanghai to quarrel noisily why raise a Babel of criticism of, this thing, as we all know, love to grab 360 market share in Shanghai, especially the search engine of this one. The unknown said, things must have many details of the webmaster know.


4, 360 of the ads are short, only the 1, 1, fell in love with sea Description Description of 2 relatively long advertisement.

statistics, love Shanghai search engine market share was 61.12%, followed by 360, its search engine market share of 24.15%, followed by 11.89% new Sogou, Google 1.66%. From this set of data can be seen in the domestic search engine, the 360 become love Shanghai strong competitors. But the love of Shanghai is still the largest search engine.

3, 360 to promote the project without love Shanghai, love Shanghai set up a "search promotion" and "network promotion", "promotion of knowledge" and other channels, more comprehensive, updated product is relatively fast, but only 360 of the "search promotion" this channel.

1, such as Shanghai into love have a background "ranking" function, 360 did not have this feature, but also into the background of the "utility" of the "live" one by one to enter the keyword query, more trouble,

Here I will talk about this

there are a lot of places worthy of comparison, here is a list of the 360, it is just starting and there are many places to be improved….

price comparisonKeywords

360 to catch up, but from the website CNCC data into a web search report, lack of love in Shanghai 1/3, there are 216 users from Shanghai in search of love, while 360 of only 57 people in the search. As can be seen from the data flow or contrast the obvious.

2, a negative keywords, love Shanghai can the whole unit set and 360 negative keywords, but an extension to a group setting, this comparison is not so much trouble, humanization.

, a background interface function comparison:

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