Graphic effects of beloved Shanghai home button elements

the leaflets love Shanghai home page navigation bar, but many are lobular did not add too, how can appear in the homepagenavigation place? Leaflets of the larvae look, that is not the leaflets manually add the site, are small leaves often visit the page. Therefore, love Shanghai in this area really captures the user experience of this piece, make its function more intelligent and humanized. < >

then, the search button appears keywords, whether out with this index? This was lobular retrieval tests as shown below (I believe this word is also very difficult to search someone.).

the retrieval test of NetEase, the keywords ranking first appeared when adding beloved Shanghai home button, the button does not appear to be ranked second.

? Keywords The


test is not in the search for advertising environment, so in the bidding advertising rankings? So a test and lobular search found that although the keyword is for advertising, can be ranked first in nature still has a beloved Shanghai home button to add.

? search ranking?


retrieved by a map can see, no index keywords, will also appear in the add button. Then, index of the button keywords would affect


so I webmaster network keyword search found that the high index appeared in the Add button, can be the index low, did not appear on the button. Thus, keyword index on the Add button, leaflets, regardless of index, there are button rates, but the index higher probability is relatively large.


automatically add

from above we can be sure that, even if the bidding advertising exists, the button will appear, but the user experience has been emphasized for the love Shanghai, lobular believes that if the keyword bidding too much, the probability of this button is very low or even No. Thus, the retrieval of Web site keywords ranking for the first auction, and in fewer cases may appear in the add button.




last week found love Shanghai home there is a navigation column, then did not care too much. Until today, lobular suddenly found love Shanghai some keywords have a beloved Shanghai home button to add. Let the thought of love Shanghai share leaflets, also have same thing? Then, how the button of the lobular little research.

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