For small and medium sized enterprise network marketing from the fine of the objection

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with a double quote character, apparently also belongs to the H1 like tags. "Fine" is a word, but not so good solution. It can be said that there is no thick accumulation of knowledge, experience a process from simple to complex, and from the complex to the simple philosophy of negation, how can in a certain field of his work "in their own essence" to key parts up? It is absolutely impossible. Is a general research method, to read a book, to do a book to read from the thick thin, from thin to thick reading, this time the "thick", it is not the content of this book, but completely transformed into your own has been digested, financing the formation of knowledge structure, experience your own experience. Only at this time, a "fine can be realized by the author to express".

read an article recently in A5, is about network marketing aspects, while also cursory reading way, probably due to both the author and the reader with background knowledge, Shanghai dragon’s sake, the key words in the title and article objectively formed a corresponding.

here, I venture to simply quote a view of the company manager Chen Huimin teacher: what is the Shanghai dragon? Nothing more than two points: content and hyperlinks. In other words, Shanghai Dragon Society is five minutes. Shanghai Longfeng is really so easy to learn is not?. We are not about teacher Chen Huimin this sentence do metaphysics mechanical understanding. Shu Hong view is that Chen Huimin himself under the tutelage of teacher mastery in Cardiff teacher learning, Shanghai Dragon technology, find the essence of Shanghai dragon technology. Now at all the courses, including training, from the beginning of 2011 January China territory for the first time Shanghai dragon engineer exam, and on the Internet and a variety of search engines in combat, all around the main content of the two to start. This is to achieve a real sense of "fine".

teacher Chen Huimin in order to show and prove this point, he experienced a long time to study, and continuously to learn, think, think and line height together, this formed the perception of their rational. When he expressed this view in public, also got a lot of criticism and criticism, think this is the Shanghai Dragon Technology of farmers. Chen Huimin is the teacher with the Shanghai Dragon technology just two points based on the understanding of Jiang Hui and the teacher together in May 2010 founded the company in Nanjing, after half a year’s time, so far is China on the Internet has a number of Shanghai Dragon up to the students of a Shanghai dragon training company. In addition, they also through their composite network marketing practices the overall operation on the Internet, on-line in September from last year’s www.liweihui贵族宝贝 website, until today has entered into a series of related keywords love Shanghai home, now the time to search for the Shanghai Phoenix, a company forum "

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