Analysis the principle of search engine for the importance of Shanghai Dragon


3: preprocessing is Chinese segmentation, removing stop words, denoising.

2: put your own database, whether it can grasp how much information, see love Shanghai memory, then the page analysis, analysis of the title of the page is about what content,

in the search engine before the first pony shows a problem, the Internet is an ocean, not only refers to the input words displayed SERP page in the search engine. Because the love Shanghai search engine rate of big boss in domestic use, so we say is the love of spiders in Shanghai.

we do Shanghai Longfeng effect experience is to improve the keywords ranking, improve the conversion rate, but the premise is to understand the principle of search engine, so today we have to study the search engine.

search engine, because the Shanghai dragon must deal with search engine and search engine principle is a set of programs, so we need to explore Shanghai dragon search engine principle, in order to cater to, and get good rankings, we improve the conversion rate, like driving a car if people understand engine the principle, then he will know which gear uphill or downhill, he will also drive fuel-efficient than others.

we already know the working principle of search engine, but do pay attention to the Shanghai dragon is the first step and the fourth step, this is why? Because we do website domain name registration is put on the Internet, so we have to let the search engine spiders found on our website, and included in its database in, or our website is an island, users in the search engines will not find us, even the website did not talk about what ranking, talk about what profit? So do the first step is to let the Shanghai dragon must be included in the search engine on your own website, through the search engine principle first step we can learn that the spider is the following links to crawl the page, do you need to go to the Shanghai dragon and some well-known Web site links, because the famous website search engine spider is through Often around here, and the link is not to let you do the black hat Shanghai dragon, but to write soft Wen promotion with the white hat Shanghai Longfeng way, such as the A5 website weight is very high Webmaster Platform, we can go to the above submission, finally leave your site, if your article is often approved, included is the point the day and await for it.

Through the above

4: according to the final ranking reverse classification. This user input words in Shanghai love search engine, you can return the corresponding SERP page.

Why do we need to study the principle of

search engine: four steps

when we first step by step, then the main value fourth, which is also called the keywords ranking, this is also a lot of attention on Shanghai Dragon

1: sent to the Internet search engine spiders in the sea, by tracking the link crawling in Internet information.


There are two key steps:

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