For the September love Shanghai to rectify the perception of the website

Since September

I want to tell our webmaster, if your station is the Shanghai spiders love too observant of conventional standards., generally do not drop your right. Since the right, there is always a reason, don’t always complain, complain that there is no use, now only can do is to make yourself stand can get back on track in a short time, this is a hard truth!

remember the early site, 1 months has not been included in the Shanghai love, what all don’t understand at that time, psychological very anxious, one week have not slept well, every night repeatedly in thinking a question, why is this? So, every day looking for information on the Internet, can not find the reason to. Later, in the QQ group met an enthusiastic group of friends, he told me: "I see you standing, your article is updated, the update time should be law, you could be here." I feel very curious, replied: "how to update the article also to have the law, such as people eat". After this period of time, every day is updated regularly, the morning 8 point -9 release site easy to be included, the website is updated every day snapshot.

love Shanghai for rectification of the site, these days in the QQ group, will see many people are asking, "so my station was drop right?", "how the website suddenly dropped a lot?", "snapshot has been stuck in the No. 22 or No. 15, all worry about the dead?", "PR suddenly fell from 5 to 3?", "spider climb these two days is full of home pages and Weibo pages, bored to death?" such questions. In fact, as a webmaster, this love Shanghai often happens, for the old owners who have become accustomed to, because I love Shanghai often appear this kind of problem, often the novice webmaster would be anxious, do not know how to solve. If a web site traffic, encountered such problems, it is the most anxious. Especially the PR value of 5 suddenly dropped to PR3, the pain as a webmaster is the most depressing thing. As a personal webmaster can do PR5 is not easy thing, he spends the time may be N times of our new Adsense time. If I encounter this kind of situation, certainly for several days can’t sleep sleep.

here is a little experience I believe, for reference:

in recent days, my site had a careful analysis, to write this article. First of all I was a novice, I only 1 years of Shanghai Longfeng experience, and we discuss it together, wrong place, please correct me!

some people encounter sites by K, that is not easy to remember the domain name, and we changed the new domain name, let the love back to Shanghai included, poguanziposhuai, in fact, COM and CN, as long as the domain name easy to remember it. Please note: this time can not change the domain name will not change. You in the next time, do stand, good luck, you.

In this

experience: domain name

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