Depth analysis of 58 city of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy

58 city is considered a website most cattle Shanghai dragon do, of course it needs to remove the Tencent贵族宝贝, Sina and other large sites, because those sites do not miss Shanghai Longfeng traffic, I carefully studied on the 58 city of Shanghai Longfeng situation today, out some ideas on here to share everyone, to do a large mall in Shanghai dragon to help a friend.


58 city mainly through the two level domain name domain name exchange family home, of course, weight high website may also be used to exchange two domain names, I see a lot of the mall will use third party website to do cross links (cross links is, I use the first web links on your site, you link to me second), and the third party website website is free operation. It Chinese 34 places, an exchange of 30 links, it also has more than 1000 links and 58 city also uses two level domain name column exchange Links, unable to calculate the number of columns, in short a lot, from the 400 thousand links of the data, the majority still voluntarily do one-way links. A navigation portal website, which also shows that the 58 city is a certain reputation, people can not.

first of all we can see is different in different regions of the two domain names, such as Shenzhen, his two level domain name must be SZ, so today I query 58 city is a query with top-level domain name, so you can see all the weight of.

is not the same place is not the same page, if the use of two columns, one is not agent operation (some two or three line city 58 city and there is no company, so the agent to optimize management), search engine optimization and is not conducive to (consider, from the URL angle of the two level domain name the advantage of more than two columns), so if you do a large shopping mall, a large portal, you can try to use the two level domain instead of two columns.


58 city is not the home page, search engine to crawl home and we opened the front page is not the same, the 58 city is automatically assigned to the city according to your city on the IP website, so conducive to the user’s browsing, so to say, you are in Shenzhen, certainly not boring to go to Beijing to see the local information? Of course also have such a situation, it is the individual, this thing is still the most in demand is also the views of the minority, so that home is certainly not going to change Links, even if the change, it is a jump page, no one is willing to change, not to change the flow, change a link is lost the essence of the meaning.

58 city weight (home owners)


from the weight and flow point of view is very Niubi, at present, there are 470 thousand keywords ranking love Shanghai estimated flow of 3 million 640 thousand, ranked 549 in the world, friends of the chain number 400 thousand, ranked 465, the amount of traffic index 800 million.


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