Excessive pursuit of search engine keyword ranking algorithm leads to instability

, according to Google news, Google as the world’s best search engine, the algorithm is improved up to 500 times a year. On average, that is will be modified every day 1.5 times, the search engine engineers are the most elite talent, and others are fighting as a team. We like to do some Shanghai dragon how could someone with the people of the algorithm, and we may be disappointed to hear here, since we cannot follow the search engine algorithm, then we also do what Shanghai dragon. The probability of success is that very small ah, in fact it is not so, we went to see the history of the development of search engine will know.

the first search engine YAHOO is doing the catalog, many people call this first generation search engine. Spiders crawl the web content to Google as the representative of the second generation search engine, after ten years of development, at present still is the case. So although the search engine changes every day and progress, but these are not worth mentioning. Many people have told me that the keywords ranking do go up easy but difficult to stabilize. In fact, keywords ranking do go up easy, stability is not difficult. The key is how you understand the search engine, search engine is a dealer information only, it also has its weaknesses, it must provide the users need most things, otherwise the user will abandon it.

general portal of Shanghai Longfeng Er when learning Shanghai Longfeng technologies are according to the search engine algorithm in the ranking, but ordinary people like us who may know how the most secret search engine ranking algorithm? But some master can be observed through some data and some changes in the website, can deduce the search engine to make adjustments in what place. This part of master worthy of respect, but not all of the Shanghai dragon Er can learn and do, in fact, we don’t need to do this. Because the basic algorithm of Web site keywords ranking is not confined to the search engine.

you look so that we can find the root of the matter, that is the user. As long as we have the user, then we can say the threat of search engine. The shield like Taobao can be the courage to love Shanghai, painful is to love Shanghai, rather than Taobao, this is the strength of the user. We should not have to beg for some search engine traffic, but should work in just ways, with dignified and imposing from search engines to get traffic, if you do not give you the search engine traffic is when the search engine’s loss, then you are no longer afraid of keyword rankings do not go up, no longer afraid of keywords ranking unstable. Don’t worry about the search engine algorithm upgrade will affect your site.

so we do when the Shanghai dragon should return to the origin of things, that is all starting from the user, rather than on the website when all to consider doing algorithm. To give you a pen account, first of all we may follow the search engine algorithm, then chase search engine algorithm cost is too high, and we should spend time on the real.

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