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After The number of currency beans

"silver coin" is a virtual consumer coin provided by the Taobao community. It can’t be redeemed for cash, such as buying a recommendation, exchanging prizes, and giving gifts to friends.


signs, Wantful operating in good condition: after obtaining $5 million 500 thousand of financing in 2012 March, the website, the mobile terminal product launches, product category is more and more abundant, the core function is also more and more perfect. According to Poisson, because of the arrival of holidays, their website traffic has increased a lot.

model solves the giver pick a gift and time-consuming problem, also let the recipient can really receive their gifts.

four, reservations have ah, advertising bit


is a group of people crowded bus, they always have comparative advantages. A car in the tall, rich and handsome have not been before, to squeeze onto the train bound for successful weight loss, it may be a worthwhile way to

Poisson says downsizing is only a matter of scale reduction, and there is no big relationship with team management. Wantful is Poisson’s fourth venture, and he feels that understanding the real needs of the user is the key to the success of the project. Last year they spent some time on it, and it was interesting that many users responded to the marketing department in the team

different advertising position required are different, in particular: community home recommended 50 currency beans | day forum page recommends 30 currency beans | days post recommended page 40 currency beans | days.


three, booking a pat ad

sellers can apply for advertising in the community and advertise their own shops or commodities. However, as the online community users and visitors are quite large, so that the community’s advertising has become very popular, sellers need to buy or auction to get.

pat Network recommended bits can be divided into community goods recommend bits and gold ingot Park commodity recommended position. Pat the network, the seller can pat the community in the "pat gold plate" auction advertising position. Pat sellers in the community, published reply posts or through caifutong trade can obtain the corresponding reward, "silver" coins when accumulated to a certain amount of time, can be converted into pat "ingots" to buy a pat Network Community recommendation.


Wantful is a highly quality and design oriented online gift giving platform. User login information and then fill in the recipient budget, the system will recommend some gift choice, the user selects the 12 alternative gifts, Wantful fine after the package sent to the recipient, the recipient from the 12 pick out a gift inside.

, "many entrepreneurs who share social gifts like us are eager for quick growth and explosive growth, but they tend to come faster and faster.". We want to see further and maintain a group of high-end customers who have high quality in design and quality. We are heading for this goal, and now also achieved initial success, profit margins, the amount of single transaction, customer loyalty is not low."

two weeks before the main line of the gift of the start-up company Wantful laid off 1/3 employees from 26 to 17, in accordance with the general understanding that such personnel changes generally means that the company has made transport problem, but in fact not. Wantful has stable profitability and investor financial support. CEO John Poisson says the move is designed to keep the company lean, lean and focused.

Taobao’s advertising space is divided into forum advertising, community home ads and station advertising. Applying for advertising in Taobao requires not only a certain amount of "silver coin", but also a rush and booking.

two, booking eBay ad

then, even when investors were telling investors that Wantful was poorly managed, even investors were hard to believe.

currently has sh419’s community recommended community referral site for free. The seller can log on "I have", through "promotional activities registration" to participate in "many pictures, many show", "Sun strange" activities, to obtain advertising opportunities recommended. Can also be in sh419 ah, alliance forum by posting, replies cumulative points, to increase access to commodity recommendations, advertising opportunities.

eBay ads mainly have community home recommended bits, forums section, home recommendation page and post page recommended three. Three types of recommendations, 20 ads per day, first order, first served. To buy a recommendation, you need to use the "bean coin" virtual currency, similar to Taobao’s "silver coin". The way to get the beans is to send a message to the community. After you have enough beans, you can buy a recommendation.

one, booking Taobao ad

earns a silver coin, he can snap up an ad position.

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"we spent a lot of manpower on expanding our business in 2012, and the product range grew from 300 to 4000.". Now that the goal has been reached, we have to go back to a ‘lean’ team and focus on how to do the service well."

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