Quasi Taobao guests have you considered these questionsTalk about the use of rogue plug ins do Wang

in a period of time before, many people have chosen , forum, blog and other ways to promote the product, but the major portal blog blocked Amoy link, Amoy began to wake up, Jirenlixia always limited, so many people have opened their own independent guest website, plus the host house, 10 thousand nets, DEDECMS PHPCMS, from the guest support action, make the guest website rampant. However, once in the forum, blog promotion promotion to go to Amoy to rash and too much in haste, independent website, was rebuffed. In fact, I do not doubt the ability of these people, just want to explain a problem, that is, they are not familiar with the promotion methods, as little as possible, to do their own good long on the line.

recently found that more and more friends into the Amoy army, all kinds of large and small guest sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, Amoy class program in order to cater to the demand, also published in the major source of the site, some of the "automation" program is relatively high in program sites such as Taobao loudly. Taobao customers, many are online legends of the brainwashing, Ali mother of the front page is to become the ultimate goal of income billboard Taobao customers. So the mighty army of Amoy, Ali is a natural smile alone.

don’t look at the so-called online legend whimsical fantasy how into the bucket on gold, imagine how to transcend the billboard stationmaster income people. Since becoming a guest, you must take one step at a time. Do not think that the space on the program to pass, by collecting and API can be a bonanza, >

said that many newcomers do Wangzhuan difficult, indeed, developed in the network industry in 2009 is even more difficult to do wangzhuan.

         ;       I simply search for the lock home plug-in, with <

tell me about my recent website experience. Recently, friends and colleagues of the operating system on the integration of a friendship 100 site navigation yq100, I feel pretty good, so I have a new plan, why not build a web site navigation, then let friends and friends to help promote it. So planning for a few days, bought a set of Web site navigation program, and then apply for a domain name and space, began my website construction. Everything is ready, began to post propaganda, make friends, colleagues and friends to help themselves in various promotional publicity everywhere, group, Post Bar, forum, blog, also use a lot of tools such as group, group group, e-mail group etc..

so publicity for about half a month, or no improvement, IP traffic every day at around 1000, simply no advertising fees! The day wore on and gradually lost interest. Once a day to see a Wangzhuan article, inspired, about the contents of the article is: many web site navigation is the integrated operating system or forced to set the home page to promote their own, to gradually expand the visibility, when IP traffic, you can earn advertising fees

two, what promotion method should I choose?

three, Taobao rely on perseverance and down-to-earth,


now greatly small website is increasing, we think most of the webmaster is grassroots, no special technical personnel can only own guidance, while learning while exploring, and online advertising is omnipresent, how to win the victory in the hundreds of thousands of rise head and shoulders above others, 000 competitors? We do stand from the big direction it is convenient for busy people, contribute to the development of network industry, small is a living, to make money. Of course, we all hope to build the station at the same time can earn big money, what makes big money?

I personally think, no one from Ali mother to get a penny, not really Taobao customers, at best can only be Taobao shopkeeper and Ali’s free promotion. So, when Taobao customers in plan, must consider, what can earn money, their pay will be harvested in? Imagine, in the face of such a huge army of what can Amoy, as the tool of competition. I had joined the two guest discussion group, an on-line, play is very simple, even what is the domain name space, do not know what is. Finally, I withdrew the group. If you don’t learn some basic knowledge first, you will rush into it, and the result will be hit everywhere. In a word, without diamond, do not embrace porcelain.

but in reality, can really make money is one of the few people, these can make money Amoy predecessors, no less in network marketer. So, ready to enter the army Amoy quasi Tao guest to the Taobao customer, this piece of money, want to Amoy senior team from a share, must consider the following questions:

              this question must be difficult for everyone to answer! The same is the same type of site, tens of thousands of competitors, if by ordinary means, then imagine what the consequences will be like? As a grassroots webmaster, lack of funds, lack of investment, lack of human resources, only to maintain the site, and those big station webmaster website promotion through various means, have a special web site editor, SEO server optimization personnel, maintenance personnel, the cost of their network marketing money we can’t afford far! So, on the site, we should find the trick, do not always go the way others walk, eat what others chew.

1. Am I a qualified Taobao customer?

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