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this pressure not only refers to our investment in the site energy, also refers to the US in order to make the site work done, like China there is a saying, called you reap. You should have no such as industry oriented to the website, how to site to you want as well? This I could not help but think of his guest did experience, I choose is the Amoy mobile phone field, thought he played a few times in the field of mobile phone can easily master the professional knowledge. Every day after work, according to the index of mobile phone you want to write a few articles easily even, but the conversion rate was later told me that I did not! Because the station is not a simple guide, you put the user here, the other person will be very obedient to complete the transaction, which is also involved in the degree of trust transaction the comparative degree and degree of safety and other factors, the final completion of the transaction is not your words about others, after all, is not you, but me The article is clearly too superficial, not really understand what users really need, maybe he is the brand, perhaps he is the price, anyway, I do not understand the mobile phone industry to my station are not trading flow all along.

, the earliest venture capital recorded in history, also defines what venture capital is, that is, "identifying value first, looking for resources, helping finance, and finally forming a company and promoting its success."."

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in less than a month’s time to the Spring Festival, is also less than a month to third year contact webmaster, time to say really fast, blink of an eye three years later, three years I have done a blog, did Taobao customers, do beautiful pictures stand done, news and information station, even did the PW, betting station, station experience can be said to be very rich, but I do not match with the rich is I’m still a grassroots webmaster, three years are not out of something. As for grass roots, I understand blindness, no gain and limitations. But I think I have the same experience and friends certainly is not a few, just like when I apply for navigation website directory as there are now 1/3 of the site has been open, so what is the cause of our own cannot get rid of grassroots two words, do not always lead to our webmaster career

since 2011, Amoy has developed rapidly, competition pressure increased significantly, coupled with their own time does not make money, so they gave up this pattern, then thinking of making a few other classes to the station, the feeling is not similar to the IT information or technology station will be more popular, after all, is a hot industry news the comparison of the fire, the click rate would be great, the ability to attract users is also very strong, then think so, then excited to do a real estate information station. But later, I found that I would like to operate a property information network, you need to master not only the latest property information, the most important thing is that property information and real estate demand between the matchmaking, and >!


, the world’s oldest venture capital, was born in 1957.

The evolution of

want to understand the investment behavior of Chinese VC now, we have to see the origin and development of VC first.

Arthur Rock discovered by mail that this is a rare group of talent, but the lack of entrepreneurship. So he decided to advise them to open a company of their own and help them raise money. After contact with 35 companies turned down, a company called Fairchild cameras decided to invest a sum of money for them.

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venture capitalists in China

in China, the real sense of this venture capital was born in the early 90s, before the venture capital belongs to the support of the country, used to promote China’s scientific and technological development, does not belong to the pure sense of vc. Until a group of market of venture capital, such as Chinese has just started the IDG capital investment, but also Intel, a few of these investment institutions become the object of imitation China venture capital practitioners, and even the Whampoa  military academy, at present, most of the projects and many are associated with them. But frankly speaking, these institutions are all American brands, and the Chinese people manage them.

station: we do not give themselves enough industry pressure

so, then, the famous Fairchild Semiconductor Company was born. Their success attracted more entrepreneurs, and the orchard around Fairchild became today’s Silicon Valley.

data show that in 2016, the amount of financing to share the economy accounted for 80% of total financing. The sharing economy behind the popular, the end is still have to follow the trend of lead boom bubble? When a lot of people carnival, there are a lot of investors in the anxiety is now in addition to sharing the bicycle, sharing the charging treasure no project investment? Mr. GPLP and China today to discuss the venture capital circle that point thing.

Arthur Rock is a bank clerk. One day a letter from Shockley semiconductor changed his fate. Originally, when 8 top scientists want to resign and known as the "rebel gang of eight," they write the purpose of this letter is to get help, of course, the letter did not mark a specific recipient, so lucky as to his hand.

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Abstract: sharing economy behind the popular, the end is still have to follow the trend of lead boom bubble? When a lot of people carnival, there are a lot of investors in the anxiety is now in addition to sharing the bicycle, sharing the charging treasure no project can be cast

news station: not aware of its limitations,

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