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in advertising performance, results network intelligence parity advertising has three forms to choose from: Commodity ranking, optional commodity library and machine selection center. The list of goods for the user to display the hottest items in the current period. The optional library is defined by the user and can recommend the goods you like to your friends. Intelligent picking machine center provides 6 categories of commodity selection function, users simply select commodity parameters, you can search for the favorite goods.

so in the promotion of growing up, but I cannot always do go, but because of my day or to work normally, the more time, the goal of making money from me far away.

it can be seen that in the information collection, information, purchasing decision process, users don’t have to bother looking through the search can get information at a glance, this is the greatest feature of this price is different from traditional advertising intelligent e-commerce advertising and Internet advertising. This will change from passive acceptance to the independent and interactive greatly enhance user friendliness, improve acceptance of advertising; on the other hand, once the purchase behavior, site owners can also be obtained from the Commission, so as to realize the perfect website content and advertising revenue fusion.

but this is not the way to go, then I Jingxiaxinlai, summed up the reason why I like this, mainly because it was too eager to succeed, as the saying goes, eat hot tofu is justified, then I do not understand the process, did not pay attention to details, resulting in some task is already do the most, but failed; and I have no head carefully try to figure out the meaning, cause some draft written does not meet him, naturally failed.

recently, CHANet results Network Advertising Alliance announced, will be formally launched on March 10, 2008 e-commerce smart parity new form of advertising. Allegedly, this is China’s Internet industry’s first to widget as the carrier of Internet advertising. The webmaster only through free access to the results of network advertising code, and on their own website or blog, it can automatically collect and update user specified commodity prices, compared to help consumers decision-making, promote their purchase behavior.

as a leader of the first domestic achievements reward of the online advertising industry, the net results of its CPS business in recent years has been rapid growth in geometric progression, not only the performance in 2007 than the previous year increased 200 fold, brought to the electronic commerce industry sales reached thousands of times the growth. In this way, it is not

according to the relevant statistical data shows that by the end of 2006, China’s total B2C transactions amounted to 8 billion 200 million yuan, and by 2010, this figure will reach 18 billion 830 million yuan. The corresponding size of users will reach 4 million 410 thousand in 2009. In recent years, when considering network promotion, the general B2C company will choose CPS advertising with high return on investment ROI. CPS is the abbreviation of Cost Per Sale, which belongs to a form of achievement reward network advertising according to actual sales commission. At present, the domestic B2C giants outstanding, Dangdang, Jingdong, red children and so on, are using this model for promotion.

checked my account in Witkey today and was surprised to find another amount. I watched the account a few minutes, thoughts fly, from the initial always received unqualified reminder letter at the station, then gradually there is a sum of a small amount of income, now occasionally receive some amount of income, though not much, but has been able to inspire me to continue to move forward the.

so, in the light of these, I have repositioned myself, and, of course, have warned myself not to be impatient. I started in Witkey until we get some relatively simple content to do, when to try hand, such as a variety of website promotion and so on, the requirements are not too high. In this way, after the adjustment of the first day of thinking, I harvested the first 8 cents I live in Witkey, but do not underestimate the 8 cents Oh, so that my heart has a sense of flying, ha ha, amateur earned money. In succession to get a few 8 cents after, because of my bad mentality, again let me try to fail. Because I think this promotion is relatively simple, so do very quickly, and then quickly to the draft, and the results of the second days found the early common substandard. And the buyers are always kind and they tell me it’s wrong. And I also know that everything is not easy, or slowly step by step.

on why the thought of the development of this new form of advertising, the results of CHANet network product manager Mr. Johnston pointed out that, in addition to the value of widget advertising content and user friendliness of the outside, there is a very important point is the result of network for strong confidence in the domestic e-commerce development and rapid market strategic objectives.

I entered Witkey by accident, because there is a period of time the economy is really tight, even eat every day can not be calculated, no longer thought this day, then on the Internet to find a part-time, finally choose witkey. May be because of its entry into the line for special reasons no money, so I was a bit very anxious. I in those in Witkey network from top to bottom around, everywhere looking for money for the search task, and then see the right slightly began enrollment,. But because the methods and skills are not good grasp, cause a bit empty feeling, looking at the others and I qualified the red side of the same red is red a bit harsh unqualified, look absolutely empty account, my heart don’t mention what it is like.

so I think again, the tasks on Witkey are classified, there are design, programming, writing and so on, and I root >

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