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but did so ten days, sh419 has not updated my website, I thought it was my article quality problems, had to constantly update, modify my article, make absolutely original. After several weeks, the update is normal, but the rankings are not very good, one day down flow only so very little, one month down profit only so a few hundred dollars, I really hit. I lost my confidence and I paid so much for it. I feel powerless and I can’t go on.

I said 100 knife webmaster is having more than one station, perhaps there is a station every day for 100 dollars, or more stations a total of 100 knife, the author also made the station, such as the space station the author code, through their own personal experience in general 1500IP is a knife. Perhaps you think too little, after all, is the space station. If the flow will do good, do well with the author as not what IP, it took such a large flow’s legendary station to make a comparison, such a station if the 1500 IP is a what time do the knife every day 150000IP the day into the 100 knife, but come back to think about it, there are several stations can have such a high flow, high flow estimation so a server are hard to parry, don’t say we are small owners buy virtual space like this Yes, but you can improve your space performance with money.

three months ago, I was an ordinary small business staff, like many workers, a punch to work every day life, took a good salary, the end of the month salary, usually do, income is not very ideal. By chance a friend introduced me to do Taobao one of his customers, what are not ", could promote the flow through their own do 500 ~ 800IP, the daily income of 200 yuan, I feel very good, want to try to do it yourself. I thought for a long time, very excited, for several days without sleep, I always wonder what he technology are not, only relying on the promotion, can earn 200 yuan a day, then I will be a little SEO, if I use a point of this technology is. Not to earn more? I decided to give it a try.

network has come out of this big cake is divided up for a long time, the current situation is already on the network of feudal lords vying for the throne, a galaxy of talents emerged a large number of days into the hundreds or even thousands of knife knife webmaster, tentatively called the 100 knife owners, these owners in the hands of a station not only, here we discuss these birds the station.

$100 a day in the eyes of the veteran and they usually have a lot of homely food, traffic station, star site, the site in the search engine or the user in mind is a certain position, the station of the time there is usually a long time, because any station in well before the flow is accumulated and innovation to come, these stations may not have a high technology content, perhaps no optimization is very comprehensive, even with good appearance are not, just like now the webmaster is template and content, but they have a lot of experience, very rich in content, high visibility well, this is a symbol of the ranking.

so we so on into the knife is not a bit too hard? There is no other way? Maybe we can do so, the 2 station, the station is the 2 station each day 75000IP can reach the goal, is, thus reducing the difficulty, the same thing. We have 15 such stations? Each station 10000IP, so it is more confident? The 150 such that each station? 1000IP, a good idea, but it is certainly wrong, so many stations to how much how much space there is a domain name. IP station with income is not so divided, IP less to a certain extent can not produce the expected income, so the analysis is that a degree of the problem, after all, a personal experience is limited, can not do so many stations, busy in their own can come In the case of more stations, or a very good income Road, but not so many new stations at a time, new station is enough to help you, step by step

later, I added a few Taobao group, learned a lot in it, they do well in the form of station groups linked to each other, to achieve weight. I think this method is good for learning, I immediately registered several domain names, because of foreign space without a record, so I choose foreign space to register, I still adhere to the original breast products, at the same time more than one site, the pressure will be quite large, I need a few of these websites for updates also, ensure the quality, because we have to let the search engine can search. The chain has a more important problem is that the site, because I found in the search engine ranking of the chain are more, so I want to also exceed them in the content and the chain, can let my site in the search engine ranking. I insist on the efforts of a period of time, the content of several websites and the chain are basically normal, and I use the chain to link them up, and I also added some links. So my search results are in the forefront of Taobao, so I see the hope, I am very high

want to light is of no use, I decided to start trying, I put a no profit into the women’s website Taobao breast guest website, because I think that the breast products Commission is relatively high, and the competition will not be great, so I decided to do breast products. I did every day after writing 8 to 10 articles of original, and there are very diligent in doing the chain, the other what blog, BBS, what I have done.

hundred knives =100 dollars literacy

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