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do a station area is very easy, but now there are many such procedures, the basic 10 will fix a station sub station. Therefore, Taobao entry is very easy, and the cost is very low, so attracted a lot of people to participate. But success must be in the minority. As the saying goes, "come in easy, go out difficult.". That’s the point. If you do not have your own model of promotion, but blindly imitate it, it is really difficult to succeed. Taobao customers, the most critical is marketing and promotion. Let me talk about my experience.

3. website promotion mode

Selection of Although the

, I have been concerned about Taobao customers for a long time, from the beginning to the present, but has not done, at the beginning of the theme is only shopping pages copied down into the space inside, actually was sh419 included. What’s the volume?. How much money did you make?. Later, I plan to do a blog, release a shopping guide, and then send advertisements everywhere, because I can’t keep it up, and it doesn’t work. Always feel that others have already done it, they do not have to compete with others, so the energy invested too much. Everyone has different personalities and ideas, and it’s a big problem how to find the patterns that suit them. See others do blog promotion successful, oneself also do, see to do shop navigation success, also follow to imitate. It does have some Chinese characteristics. But adding an innovation to imitation might be real innovation.

site is ready, but sh419 search is still a lot, no one knows what you and Bill is different. It doesn’t look very impressive. Tao is the most important promotion, so the core is to promote. Developed a free sub station function. Provides a platform for Taobao customers without web sites.


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website promotion is more than a few kinds: SEO, soft Wen, BBS post, group, advertising, blog stepping on each other. The above is the most common, no matter what kind of promotion, must choose suitable for your website groups of users. SEO is certainly the most important part of the website promotion. This saves costs and accesses the intended customers. The choice of keywords, but overheating, you can use SEO partners to find not too hot, search people also many keywords to do. Also >

2. summarizes the core competencies of the website

I do blog after failing to see some Taobao shop navigation website unintentionally, then interest came, although it can be used immediately but I still love to do, so you can have the one and only website. The content is quite different. Spent a few days stay up late to write a semi-automatic program, the Taobao store promotion inside each category of the top sellers of the top 50 stores included. In this way, my Taobao store navigation station 23taobaowang/ is ready.

1. mining its own promotion model

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