10 dark conversations about entrepreneurship the company is dead the girlfriend is gone and should

in an electricity supplier practitioners view, love fresh bee business jump phenomenon has become a common problem in the current community O2O appears on the market when the harvest, "community stores radiation of the limited scope of services, meager profits, platform subsidies to large businesses, enthusiasm is big >

A: to believe that investors are fine, in intelligence must respect and awe of them. However, in the business level, when they do not exist, after getting the money, do not listen to them, and immerse themselves in their own, take the time to fudge them.

can you cancel the order,

3% service charge

Q: you >

A: Huyou, if you think this guy does not affect your work part-time, tell investors that this guy is full-time, and flicker into money.

technology week Xuedie

Q: I want to start a business right now. I’d like to ask the founder team how to distribute the share right. Don’t try to find out what the whole street can find. I want to hear your experience,

Abstract: the ideal situation is actually the boss 100% holding, reserve 20%~40% out to future partners. At the beginning of entrepreneurship is a person to say, the boss to save people, the future with good equity partners, with no good to let the fuck off.

A: the ideal situation is actually the boss 100% holding, reserve 20%~40% out to future partners. At the beginning of entrepreneurship is a person to say, the boss to save people, the future with good equity partners, with no good to let the fuck off. Several people passing damage to startups is far greater than any harm. If it’s because you don’t have enough money, then when you pull a partner, the most equitable allocation principle is how much money you share.

the shopkeeper said, after he had thought out of love of fresh bee, but because people are more idle all right in the store, will continue to do so, "those who withdraw are basically too low profits, but also a little less."


editor, press

Q: my angel investor actually has some resources, and now he is talking about A round of financing. The new investors have the will to clear him out. I don’t know how to talk to him,

, this is a bit. After Cam published two original articles, many entrepreneurs and VC interacted with a little Cam Nima, Cam felt he could start an entrepreneurial consulting company. This is a dialogue with entrepreneurs.

O2O in the hottest years, the media had written a article entitled "18 days to go out" experience the purpose is through intensive testing, see what is the impact of the home service, the daily lives of people today, if we do this experiment, you may need to take cash advance from the Bank……

Q: I just got A round, my investors business analysis for me is very reasonable, I also didn’t what irrefutable, but faint feel wrong, please take the money to treat investor’s business proposal

A: if you want directly, he happy! What did not feel shy, you help him make money, Ya may say you are willing to continue to follow the actual psychological happy child.


for two Ni case, Sina technology were visited with love fresh bee label store, according to a shopkeeper, in recent months, they do often tell consumers to negotiate, cancel online orders, "a lot of ripe guests are able to accept the payment by cash or orders after the door of WeChat alipay." And for some new customers, businesses will choose not to start before the App above the point of departure of this button, "this way, you can always cancel orders after you come home", a businessman said.



this change for two. It is not what impact, and she soon reached an agreement with the owner, the online store to cancel the order, the money will be returned to the Yuanlu, then home to receive cash over this order.

Q: does a part-time team affect my financing?

Q: I’ve read your article about CEO very much. Under my leadership, my team made a very good product, but there are too many competitors and too much pressure. What should I do?

A: it’s obviously your fault as a boss. Don’t be complacent about your product. As a boss, you need to consider strategy differentiation. Only your strategic path is right, can you kill it from the competition. The so-called product NB, but your strategic level in the specific business mapping.

"can you cancel the order?"

it is understood that the emergence of businesses patiently to encourage consumers to pay offline, because love bee this year began to charge 3% of community stores platform fees. According to a love of fresh bee owner Er Ni living in the area near the introduction, previously, the area surrounding the 7 canteen are registered, in the love of fresh bee now, only three homes, "it is said that over a period of time may also receive a 5% service charge, now is not what profit, if up service fees, we do not do." The shopkeeper said.

, a few minutes before the phone, Er Ni had just bought a couple of bottles of yogurt and fruit on the bee, and received a call from the shopkeeper downstairs as he waited for the delivery. "When the owner asked me, I didn’t react, and I thought the love bee was out of business." Er Ni said. In fact, the owner just want two Ni to love fresh bee on the order of cancellation, but they will be a single delivery, but online payment will be changed to the line, the price is also consistent with the line.

received the phone, consumer Er Ni once thought love bee closed……

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