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two, how can asymmetric information make money?

in recent years, what’s the most popular word in the industry? Mobile phone, cloud investment? No, it’s entrepreneurship. Now the company is much easier than before, many people have to start the army, never in history where a period of time, there has never been such a crazy poineering tide. Stanford University’s MBA program has been a barometer of entrepreneurship, according to a survey report, 16% of the 2011 graduates to start their own company. This wave of entrepreneurship is even more fierce than in 90s, and I think the wave will be even more ferocious in 2012.

but anyway, you always feel bad when you’re faced with failure. But the most important thing is what you should do and how to do when you are faced with failure.

my career has been ups and downs, my first Boss ArthurAn>

webmaster how to find profitable network project, this is a problem puzzling many people actually do Wangzhuan, find profitable Wangzhuan the most important thing is to be able to find some information asymmetry.


asymmetric information, it is some simple information, we know the importance of such information, but others are not very understanding of the importance of the information, or others know less than we are, this is a kind of asymmetric information, there are many reasons for the information asymmetry.

I just recovered from my failure. In early 2009, I left the company I originally worked for to join a start-up company. The company has good financial support. I’m with a lot of cows, in a major development team. I’m sure I in a master hand’s first small display, the choice is very correct. Last year, I left the team, the establishment of a network of startups themselves, just started very well in the online recruitment we recruit to two Daniel one just resigned from the Facebook, then we are from a very strong strength of angel investors got an angel investment. But unexpectedly, six months later, our product development was very slow, so in the end, a series of accidents knocked my team down. My company has become a bubble, and I am disgraced.

what is asymmetric information,

if you build a web site, the site is the subject of asymmetric information, then you can use the difference to make money, although something may be a normal thing for you, but for those who do not know how to search for information of the people, it is a very unusual thing, many people do not believe, but this society is such. This article from the original China Wangzhuan forum, reprinted from http://s.chinawzlt.>

Chris Johnson, co-founder of Wakefield, once joined the wave of entrepreneurship in the financial sector, and in this article he shared his views on entrepreneurial failure and how to cope with failure.

how to use asymmetric information to make money? Give you a simple score, often movie shoes should know that the price of a movie ticket 100 yuan in general, and some even reached 150 yuan, if you are a direct cash payment, is certainly full payment. But if you use credit card to pay, you can subtract the cost of the general, but if you are buying movie tickets through online shopping way, the price will be lower, there may be as long as 30 yuan can buy a ticket for the film, and some movie theaters are good, a few dollars can I buy a ticket for the film, like the same thing, different people use different ways to buy, the price is different, this is a kind of asymmetric information; if we use the low price to buy the movie Can we make money by transferring tickets to others? This is a way of making money using the asymmetry of information.



three, why is information asymmetry?




‘s mushrooming start-up company looks like a million dollars on the surface, but did you see the "wave of failure" hidden behind it?". In the tide of entrepreneurship, many people are leaders for the first time. Many people just work in a comfortable working environment, and have never felt the pressure and risk faced by leaders.

a message is the same for everyone, but why would produce asymmetry? Just take the movie tickets, movie tickets are the same, different people use different ways to pay, you can get a different price, what is the reason to buy a movie ticket price difference mainly? The reason can be roughly divided into the following two points, the first is due to the purchase of movie tickets are ignorant, do not know a way to buy will be cheaper, the second is that some factors in the inside, this is not the thing, after all, the society is such, playboy, it is relatively easy to live.

failure is also an honor in business," said YCombinator founder PaulGraham recently in the American NPR radio interview. "To learn to appreciate failure, be good at avoiding it and being with him."." Of the start-ups he supports, only half survive. Dave McClure, the co-founder of five hundred start-ups, called his company a "failed factory"".

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