Can let the media in the growth of all thingsMother sh419 GG small owners how to choose a situation


another guess is that multimedia content may be easier to get traffic, or even 200 million yuan subsidy. Including, but not limited to, radio shows, talk shows, live shows, reviews, and micro movies.

for platform side, also need a number of high-quality content IP production, such as a number of "tonight after 80 show", "wonderful said", "Papi sauce" birth.

is currently on the market several mainstream advertising alliance, Ali mom, sh419, shlf1314

Ali mum:

good, is a small webmaster good choice, and unlike some website revenue to 100 yuan to give money, he is to use Alipay to pay, really good.


but there is a drawback: 15% of the technical service fee is a little high, small Adsense some can not eat.

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also has the new first video and so on. We can try it.

goes to see "everybody" the signing author, can approximately calculate 200 million yuan subsidy the threshold and the request.


so 100% ads are divided at least not from technology, but from the media. More emphasis on the entertainment direction from the media, perhaps there is a chance.



in traffic is see the plan. The integration of the daily express, Tencent news client, WeChat news, mobile phone news plug-in plug-in, and after the Tencent video, Penguin FM, actually Tencent media open platform gathered a massive flow of resources. In theory, who can provide quality content, who can through one of the platforms or platforms to obtain traffic.


100% advertising divided, this thing sh419 hundred did, today’s headlines have done. In fact, since the media do not have the massive traffic channels, can make money through advertising revenue is very rare, since the media profit of more than 50%, still rely on the enterprise enterprise wide soft manuscripts, commonly known as soft, also have customized advertising money.

said the 100% advertising into the 200 million yuan of subsidies in the plan, attracted many people’s attention. Many people from the media to see the plan, in the "Tencent media open platform" submitted its own account. The question is, who can join in, who can grow in the

200 million yuan support will not benefit from the masses. Can enjoy 200 million yuan subsidy, must be a small number of elite from the media, and in the form of cooperation to meet the three requirements: content quality is higher, content publishing and authorization have tilt, and platform temperament conformity.

if 100%, 200 million yuan advertising into with most people from the media to talk about "everything" growth? The answer is flow.

looks at the essence through the phenomenon.

enterprise, the platform party is not opposed by the soft money from the media, since the media also need to survive, not hungry blocks; another part of the people, which is basically complete the "hard soft Wen", in the meanwhile to convey ideas, share some enterprises joint dry cargo information, readers can accept.

sh419 bidding and theme promotion of two kinds. sh419 is too high to the station doorsill, it is not small stationmaster’s first selection. If your station is good, you can consider it.

, and the flow is from the media to grow and become influential, further realization of the necessary path.



very well. Click to earn higher costs, but the site more than 6 months to apply. There is someone malicious click your ad, will be shlf1314 mistakenly think you are yourself, click advertising cheat, then sealed your number. By the way, if shlf1314 says your site doesn’t pass the audit, it’s "website type", then tell you don’t worry about it, which means your station is a garbage station.

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