How to use this book58 Yao Jinbo joked that entrepreneurship is also a mistake the biggest mistake

is around 58 at the end of last year launched a second-hand idle trading platform, take Yao Jinbo’s words, not only to share around the economy, but also a recycling economy. Turn around and WeChat cooperation, launched using acquaintances to complete idle goods transactions, according to Yao Jinbo said, now around the monthly growth rate of 40%.

58 group, interviewed Sina Technology for

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has increased by ten times. You can try your own application of these techniques how effective?.  

is not electricity providers, it is difficult to survive

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also makes Yao Jinbo look good in the 10 – year cycle, O2O and share the economy. He said that although the 2015 O2O experienced a roller coaster, but just out of the normal market after the reshuffle is too hot, and he talked to the identity of the summary said: "many entrepreneurs mistake by capital can quickly change the industry, but they do not realize that not every industry are similar and taxi."

O2O is a major trend in ten years,

Yao Jinbo believes that O2O will change lifestyle and user experience step by step in the next ten years, just like the development process of the electricity supplier. In addition, he believes that the sharing of the economy will be a major trend, in this trend, the most interesting topic for the 58 group chairman is "go around."".

if so, then you won’t be disappointed.  

58 Group Chairman Yao Jinbo said: "the netizen comments that our new logo from the shlf1314, I personally do not feel that what is not good, but our new logo is actually because each a subsidiary of color."

"many local businesses are actually very confused, because they do not know what the Internet means to them?" yaojinbo question when paused, seems to want to observe the audience reaction, then gives the answer: "not sensational, but from the 58 observed data, if the next ten for years, local life can not realize the electricity supplier, that most businesses will die."

answered the question, the 58 group’s steering group just delivered a speech at the 2016 Guiyang fair, with the theme "the new normal of life service under big data". He’s around 5 subsidiaries, 58 city, anjuke, 58 home, ganji and chinahr business, talked about the Internet and big data for local businesses, and local life electricity supplier.

of course you can find lots of related knowledge and skills from the Internet free of charge. I don’t deny their existence

no matter what kind of website you run, and whatever your website is, you will find many practical and effective ways to make your


Yao Jinbo believes in this trend, and believes that no one can escape, and even in this wave of Internet development process, the realization of the local service brand reshuffle. He pointed out the specific way that the local service brand would become a App, or a public number, which would replace many brands.

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secondary idle trading is also a trend

Sina Technology Li roots from Guiyang

I scare you, but this book is very easy to understand. Of course, if you’re a newbie at Adsense, then you might be

here Yao Jinbo, chairman of


isn’t that what you’re buying the book for?  

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