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IP is intellectual property. It can be a story, a character, or something else that brings fans. The advantage of IP as the core is that it satisfies the giants’ eco industrial layout and creates opportunities for the initial entrepreneurs.

buying and selling domain names is another source of income, requiring little investment or time. You can register by domain name and sell at a higher price to make a profit. For example, millet website domain name mi, that is, through the purchase of high prices. Get the hottest domain names in domain name auction sites such as eBay. Wait for an appreciation, find a better buyer, and then sell it.

if the maintenance of the blog can be difficult for you, but you still want to indulge their passion for writing, you can refer to other blogs or websites to write a novel, the novel network can also be a good choice. Writing network novels is more free, there is no printing cost and transportation cost. If you have strong language skills, you can become an editor, and the website administrator will pay you to read articles and correct grammar mistakes for commissions.

The Chinese definition of

4. buy / sell domain name

6. ad

you can sell ad space on your website or blog, and when visitors come to your site, you can earn money by clicking on these ads. The profitability of each click depends on the level of traffic at the site, the combined click through rate and the cost per click, and the shlf1314 Adsense ad League is the most popular

, let’s take a look at how the so-called giants are structured.

if you’re a passionate writer and interested in writing. You can create your own blog by publishing articles, but you can’t find a solution. Let every character become the paving block of your wealth road. Creating a blog doesn’t require a lot of technical skills, but it’s important that you have a talent for writing. This will attract visitors to your website. After building a blog, you can get a commission by attracting advertisers, making profits, or commenting on other people’s products.

covers a wide range of entertainment, literature, animation, film and television, music, games, derivatives and so on can be included in the scope of Pan entertainment. Because of this, pan entertainment has become the nuggets of many entrepreneurs, IP has also become one of the most popular terms in the past two years. But unlike other startups, O2O and VR are trying to create a platform based business model that seems to be less effective in the pan entertainment industry.

pan entertainment" is not only related to the reform of the cultural system at the upper levels, but also can be interpreted as the phenomenon of industry convergence in the Internet era. The industry has never lacked giants, and never lack of platforms, both BAT and other IT heavyweights, there are Huayi Brothers and other film giants, IP has become a hard currency between maintaining different nuggets.

pan entertainment industry status: IP has become an absolute core

from the Tencent proposed "Pan entertainment" concept has been five years, and today, whether it is investment, entrepreneurship, career choice, and even daily exchanges, "Pan entertainment" this hot spot is difficult to bypass. With the NetEase, Huayi Brothers, Ali and other giants into the Bureau, as well as countless entrepreneurs to join, "Pan entertainment" has become the industry recognized as one of the eight trends in the development of the internet".

2. writing network novel

model is being copied by other Internet giants". A series of platform Ali has music, literature, Ali Ali Ali pictures, Ali Ali at the beginning of the game, and through the acquisition of one group, investment behavior A station to further expand the pan entertainment industry pattern. Similarly, there are sh419, Iqiyi, PPS and other video platforms, and Taihe music merged sh419 music, secretly produced sh419 movie division >

, an aggressive person, it is easy to see that the Internet is full of opportunities to make quick money. Although very few, it is difficult to serve as a major source of income, but the network can help you to supplement your wallet. At the same time, how much you earn depends on your time and effort. Look at these 17 options and find out which one works for you.

freelancing is a good choice, and professionals can find the right industry and satisfy their customers. A variety of freelancers can find their jobs on Witkey websites, such as the domestic "eight quit" and "Witkey". Freelancers provide works, information, opinions or suggestions for small businesses, while buyers can find the most appropriate ones and pay for them.

Tencent is the first to see the wind company, as early as 2012 announced its pan entertainment strategy, has now covered the game, film and television, animation, literature, music, five major areas. The typical idea is to build a cross platform entertainment ecosystem around the star IP. First with Shanda literature merged, set up reading group, to strengthen the original IP creative ability and access channels, and then set up Tencent pictures and Penguin pictures, through literature, animation, games, video and other content platform. And behind it, Tencent has become the country’s largest online gaming platform, has a strong IP resources. And through the establishment of the original animation platform, and Disney and other creative research and development cooperation to complete the short board in the field of animation. In addition, the Tencent has also invested heavily in copyright for music.

The concept of "

3. Taobao

found Ali mother alliance, apply for registration of an account. Get your Taobao link and release it via or micro-blog. When someone buys something through this link, you can receive a commission.

1. blog

5. freelance Witkey

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