The eight stage from rookie to legend Wangzhuan peopleDeutsche Bank Global Report 2006 online advert

third level Beginner 10-100 yuan / day

most people end up stopping here! ARE, YOU,


After a period of research,

level 1 – Network rookie 0 yuan / day

began to know what Internet marketing was all about. After being brainwashed by a lot of seductive articles, he began to itch and feel that he could become a billionaire too, and he began to dream that he could earn money by sleeping too.

level fourth intermediate 100-500 yuan / day



;     time to witness the miracle, after investing in tuition and domain name fees, space fees, website fees and other money, you believe you will go to your own pot of gold!

spends a lot more time than possible. It starts to wander around, asking people, looking for reasons, and then starting to feel cheated,


you think the Internet makes money, but it’s no problem. Then, the fact is that when you follow the methods that others teach you and make sure you don’t get it, there’s no gain. Some people with benefits,

second level novice 0 yuan / day


fifth level earner 500-1500 yuan / day



fifth compared to the fourth level is a qualitative improvement, before the four main or external type, used to imitate others! Fifth began to realize the truly successful people are imitated by others and not to imitate others. So spend more time thinking, studying, refining the items!

began to think independently, began to have their own idea! In self for a period of time, the project finally succeeded! Very happy! The daily income can be said than most people high, has been part of a rookie and junior scholars fans, is becoming more and more difficult to break, this idea not to break the blow suffered more than before.

, Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank said in a report published in June 8, 2006, "the network advertisement" investment benefit ranked first in all advertising channels, the investment benefit is second newspaper nearly three times.

Deutsche Bank

At present the most popular

to search keywords is the main technique of precision marketing, advertising will transmit the information to the user to accept.

NarrowAD is through content, region and user analysis advertising to the user location.

the first domestic see text advertising technology is a new technology of special note this precision marketing trends, the technology mainly has the following highlights:

through intelligent positioning technology, accurate advertising will hit the target population. According to Vogate Media, most of the time Internet users are reading news, articles or blog; Web content real-time analysis of text ads, the specific keyword autotagging, the content of the article is to read the advertising placement in moderate users attention to eyes, let the site all of the text;

has the most people, knows only the Internet, and knows someone who makes a lot of money on the Internet, but never thought about trying. Suddenly, one day, it’s easier to know that your friends or net friends are making more money than you earn. So they have started some Wangzhuan forum or blog, but always full of curiosity and unsuspectingly, unwilling to

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