Four important elements of web content for web marketing


network marketing is a long-term adherence to the work, at the same time is the work of all aspects of cooperation. Procedures, promotion, planning, customers, etc., can not be separated from each link. In the network marketing, there is an important part of the editor, that is, the content of the publisher. Web editor is the site of the hematopoietic people, the content of the site determines the survival of the site, to bring customers is the customer’s understanding of the whole enterprise, whether from sensory or other aspects. Once again, from the new extended before the article "Zhao Chun: analysis of soft Wen’s three important role" mentioned in a sentence, the editor’s highest level is marketing. Don’t look at his average work. The form of website editing work is the content and quantity of the website, so today, I share the importance of website content in network marketing again. This article is the hospital network marketing blog blogger: Zhao Chun original article, reprint please keep the original address.

enterprise website content common problem

has done almost 5 years of network marketing work, involving many industries, and found a lot of Web sites there is a common problem, especially small and medium-sized enterprises website, this kind of phenomenon is particularly serious.

1, website content plagiarism serious

enterprise website content is nothing more than the introduction of enterprise information, because of the unique advantages of the Internet, many edit diagrams save trouble. Search all over the Internet, find relevant articles, copy them directly, and even complete the task without modifying the links, brands, addresses, etc. in the text.

2, content can not show enterprise information

recently contacted a bean products business website, and they always asked me to help see the website. Not to mention the structure of the site is conducive to SEO, from the content alone, let me sad for a long time. In enterprise memorabilia. Marked on the related events, point to go I was dumbfounded, the content is equal to the title of the article. No punctuation at all. What do you think this is,

?The importance of content on


The importance of the content of

website has a lot of website introduction, but mostly introduce about SEO. Today’s focus is on the importance of web content in online marketing.

1, so that the site meets the SEO optimization criteria

web content is king’s reason, we all understand. On the premise of reasonable website structure, the content of the website is updated, and the originality of content, quality, affect the natural ranking of the website, namely the SEO of the website. Content updates mean regular updates, such as 1 days, 3 articles, or 3 days, depending on your habits. Originality and quality respectively refer to the originality of the article, while ensuring the readability and marketing of the article, that is, the following product presentation and enterprise information display.

2, corporate culture, products and other information display


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