Use soft text stable fast ascension site ranking

1, select release platform

released advertorial, about the quality of work. A valuable article will naturally be reprinted by many people. Reprinted more times, and SE to the weight is high. On the contrary, if the release of the chain site is regarded as a garbage source, that would be more harm than good

if you find that you want to sign up for an account, you can post information and don’t be afraid to take the time. Because of the verification of the account, so relative to the website of garbage information is much less, so you release soft words, it will be more valuable. Quicken work, choose a correlation of authoritative website information, this work half time.

trailing method in SE search "NOKIA mobile phone", if it is an article, in the following comments inside the ad, if it is BBS post, in the reply inside advertising. If nothing can be published, copy this article, remove the chain, add your link, and find a place to re issue.

2, insert keyword

, we write soft Wen’s Day is to promote their website products. Enhance the network reputation effect, increase the website outside the chain…… However, many information publishing sites are not allowed to publish Web links or even contact information. What should we do?

, for example: Shunde 928 digital mall (, NOKIA mobile phones for sale, ultra low price, brand reputation, seven days replacement, one-year warranty, useful please contact QQ:215314034 phone 0757-28220942

, we first major SE for the chain included method:

Google is more strict, only recognized for keyword links, OK, the anchor text is more value

Baidu words, as long as there is a web site on the line, do not have to do links, and then through the title of the page to determine the density of the keyword.

Yahoo, if you want to make a link, the other with Baidu.

if you don’t release chain, directly put a URL in the above on the line do not link to web site if not put a contact, it can be directly put pictures, not enough without


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