Probe into the reasons why the collection station exceeds the original station

received a letter from a space service provider on the 24 day of last month, saying that 80% of the traffic on the site had been used. Because this is the first time to receive such a letter, so pay special attention to quickly check their website space, and found that this is indeed the case, 750GB space traffic has been used 650GB. This problem so I feel very confused, because in this space, only two websites: one is the author carefully take care of the top network, to publish original every day, and continue to promote writing; another is a special universal navigation nets (I do not mention the name of the web site, in the this was to avoid being malicious webmaster to Baidu’s report, in order to facilitate temporarily called the "acquisition"), using two level domain name, website content is that I use the thief program acquisition, acquisition of the purpose is to provide material for their creation, website promotion is impossible, because it is a highly the collection site, does not comply with the "advice" Baidu webmaster wrote "Baidu more love has unique content", rather than simply copying and duplication of existing content on the Internet Webpage。 For the content has been repeated a thousand times, Baidu may not be included." So I don’t even have the traffic statistics installed. Because the peak network is carefully taken care of by the author, the daily flow of his heart is very clear, screenshot as follows:


peak network search engine included screenshot


peak network traffic screenshot

from the figure, the flow is not sufficient to produce such a large flow of the peak where the network space is their confusion, suddenly think of is not another acquisition station is abnormal, so we first look at the collected station, the author have collected, screenshots are as follows:


acquisition station

so I quickly applied for a traffic statistics, display traffic statistics screenshot as follows:


acquisition station traffic statistics screenshot

this result lets the author be unable to understand completely, the reason which cannot think for one hundred reasons, mainly has:

from the content:

Most of the content of the

summit is original, or at least adapted. The content of the acquisition station is collected and highly repetitive.

from management:

peak network is carefully maintained by the author, usually pay attention to promotion, in order to this station, also wrote a lot of soft wen. Collection station because the original intention is to collect material, so basically no answer, not to mention writing soft Wen promotion.

What exactly is


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