New station only included one or two pages or home page

do not know if you have not encountered such a situation, the new station just completed soon to be included in Baidu, but the next few days are not included in other pages, but the snapshot is not updated, as the station "fish tutorial network like, the site of three day was Baidu included, had the happy, too is satisfied with the result, that the second days will begin to increase included in other pages, not to wait for second days, until third days or not, only included the home page, and snapshot date has not changed, really depressed.

later searched the Internet for a reasonable explanation: "general process.". Soon included 1 pages to 3 pages, 7-15 days later included in the normal, soon included 1 pages, 7 days after the normal included. If at this time you think Baidu is cheating or garbage station will immediately reject included! Anyway, Baidu only included the home page is new observation period. It seems that my station is listed as need to observe the site, should be careful to control the degree, can’t optimize the transition, can’t soar outside the chain, obediently write original, ha ha.

has published some articles recently on A5, use Google to find some site reproduced in my article, ha ha, have the effect, also check the next Baidu, also increased in the snail, or can be, I would estimate included a week after the normal, do stand really need patience ah.

this article by mouth fish "tutorial network ( published, reproduced please specify

, thank you!

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