Custom WordPress implementation management simplification

as a powerful platform, WordPress has built-in comment function, GUI, and the innovation for the page editing function and a variety of convenient built-in tools, including the "import" function, user roles and permissions and so on.

but so many functions, how much we used? Although WordPress is very easy to use, the user is also quite friendly, but through the custom WordPress management background, we can make WordPress more simple, more manageable.

WordPress’s built-in hooks (including filter and action) provides the perfect solution for our custom WordPress backend. By hooking in rather than modifying the core program of WordPress, you can make changes safely without affecting the integrity of the installation file.

The code described below in

will be all done in the functions.php file.

disable console widget


login WordPress background, the first to see is the WordPress Dashboard, a similar message center, by the "WordPress development blog", "other WordPress news" and other widget composition. For the average user, the information here is not always what you need to see.

, we can use wp_dashboard_setup to remove these widget. During execution, we will use the unset () function to remove the unnecessary widget. All we have to do is take wp_dashboard_setup as the first parameter and call add_action () with remove_dashboard_widgets as the second parameter.

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