On the occasion of the 32 year old birthday in the webmaster sent good news

this is the name of the station I built, called the financial house, which is the first draft in ADMIN5, and share with you the joy of rookie.

in 2005, made a forum, called personal brand network. But at that time, a bit of technology did not understand. Basically, every day is basically up their own, when nothing was done, the content is also a little bit of their own efforts to write up, but also paste something.

, but a month of hard work, the popularity of the forum has not come up, landing every day IP is their own. Occasionally one or two friends came up, looked down, and then went away.

is tired. Very boring. Although the main keyword in the site ranked first in Baidu, but finally still abstained.

was quiet for two years, last August, a whim. Apply for www.licaiwu.com, named "financial house", restart the station trip.

The manner in which

is adopted remains the form of the forum. Often to the website to learn, Admin5 has many experience, more is to see hope and encouragement. The content of the financial house is more abundant than before, and the direction of development is clear. After several efforts, basically, the day IP has stabilized more than 200IP. It’s not easy.

200IP, for your master, disdain. But as an older rookie, can have such an effect, I feel happy inside.

used to dive. Today is my birthday, write something small, share with you the joy of rookie.

, in fact, stand in, you insist. That is, only a little traffic every day, it does not matter. Stick to it, one day it will reach IP high. IP is not difficult, as long as the persistence is good, and later have time, but also to write some rookie site of the stupid way out, and other rookie friends fun. Welcome rookie friends to visit the small station.

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