Old Xie how should the personal stationmaster keep warm in winter

personal webmaster winter came, many webmaster through QQ, phone and I said, do not prepare their own website, your website can develop, the old Xie I don’t know how to answer, you are not the taste, looked at a lot of the station has long labor day. With a computer.

but, in a word, since you have chosen the webmaster, if you still love your website, please keep warm. Don’t hesitate to give up.

how to keep warm? Lao Xie, according to some of his own experience, talk about a few of their own views and ideas, do not comment on the right or wrong, personal ideas only, everyone has their own ideas.

do your website security work,

ate the backup deficit this time. It’s OK. I’ll take care of it later. Site security has never been valued in the past, but history tells us that many websites have died of security issues, including server management, website vulnerabilities, and so on. For many individual webmaster, have their own server, is more difficult, so in IDC, must take very seriously, choose regular company will always be better.

two do your website content,

with the management of Internet information, a IDC technician told me that now a site can not put a beauty map, you can see the strict management of the content of the site.

so you need to pay attention to the wording of your website. Can not be very yellow, very violent, Guan you did not discuss, they would rather kill one hundred, and will not leak a kill.

of course content, including the content of your advertising, I think the future Adult supplies advertising will be a lot less, if you want to develop, then please refuse it, although it can bring you good advertising costs, but its harm is very big. And giving people a sense of unprofessional, is not conducive to the development of your website.

for web content on SEO, I wrote some time ago, many webmaster friends said this is not the case, the content of the website Baidu not pay attention, I am not Baidu’s internal staff, I do not know, but I think Baidu will not be so stupid, just to collect the contents of the weight of the garbage station will give you a high.

I think the content is certainly very important, not only for your SEO, to your users is the same, after all we do is to give your users to see, and not to look at Baidu, we just want to through Baidu, we get more potential users attention, only this. I think Baidu is stupid, and it won’t violate the user’s preference.

Promotion of

three website

many do dumpster webmaster contact me Laoxie, hope to promote his website with my soft, I have been very firmly rejected, because the garbage station is on site traffic and living, and soft and not the best way to improve site traffic. So, yes

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