Old Adsense talk about how to put yourself in the promotion of visitors experience

visitor experience is the site of growth backer, is also the site of the survival of the foundation, no friendly visitors experience the site is basically impossible to obtain stable rankings, and it’s not a successful site. The visitor experience directly determines the normal operation of the site, after all, not a webmaster to watch her hard every day to update the contents of a large number of high-quality sites but because the visitors poor experience views of the scanty. So in the optimization of the site, the visitor experience is piled up outside the chain or to attract the station optimization? The answer is very simple, with visitor experience outside the station to determine visitors experience degrees all the factors are all within the site, this is an indisputable fact. How should we optimize the station in order to let visitors experience to a new level? The following author to share his views on this issue.

the first impressions of visitors to each site are very important. Just like when we cook delicious dishes, often make love more beautiful, to enhance patrons appetite. For visitors experience degrees, good interface is the most basic step. From the first save color collocation start, the author simply summarize several points we need to pay attention to the site on the primary and secondary color: color collocation to moderate (do not use easy dazzling colors, such as green, green, etc.) of the head and tail color echo each other (if you use the red head to choose the color and the bottom matching), the main colors used in the site in the picture to correspond with the basic color of our site. Also, the font in the page should be moderate. In general, font size 14 makes visitors look the most comfortable. The second is the structure, structure design "to let visitors feel the atmosphere and everything in good order and well arranged one very important point, that is, the distance between the head and the menu bar, not too narrow and the structure is looks more crowded. In addition LOGO and BANNER also need to be set, in general, LOGO is the key on the home page layout, more easy to let visitors remember their own site an atmospheric LOGO, and LOGO the best placed their own site and web site, this can enhance the memory of visitors. For BANNER, personally think that the LOGO side is best not to put ads, but placed with his site pictures, such as the purpose of the site, the introduction of the site, attracting visitors eye pictures and so on, which is very helpful to seize the visitors.

many in the construction content, are included in the first place, in fact, included the ultimate aim is to give visitors to see, why not give up included to visitors to experience it, after all visitors experience included, naturally come up, which included up, may not be able to enhance the visitor experience. Therefore, when individuals recommend to update content, visitors should be placed in the first place experience, rather than whether it has been included. So, let’s go through the content for visitors experience points? First of all, from the content of the title, here is the most critical content matching degree, don’t want to attract visitors eyeball more

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