How does a webmaster confront a malicious DDOS attack

‘s network is insecure and full of crises. I’m an aphrodisiac, medicine business owners, is very profitable for doing this, a day 2000-3000 income, a monthly income of 10-20 million. It is because a lot of money, so often secretly mischief. Of course, there is a lot of trouble, especially with DDOS attacks, which can be fatal. It’s no exaggeration to say that DDOS attacks are our biggest threat.

through so many years of experience, I am here to tell you that if you are doing it or aphrodisiac, so be careful. First, meet DDOS, don’t panic, keep cool. Problems should be dealt with immediately, without any suspicion, which would be a waste of time and delay in the rescue of the website. If this time hackers come to blackmail, while the set of their evidence, while maintaining the site, do not compromise to hackers, they blackmail you once, will blackmail you second times.

adjust the mentality, immediately modify the domain name resolution, modify the IP address to, or point directly to the government website, so cut off the web site and outside links, but also be ready to fight back.

then, the server is restarted, analysis of the source of the attack, if there is a real-time monitoring system on the website that the best view recently directly input domain name access IP, if for a period of time a lot of the same IP, and are only visit the home page. Well, you can initially judge that the IP is an attacker.

then, use IP bombers to attack the IP, so that when hackers attack your website, he will check your website for a while, and see your site is not properly accessed. At this point, the bombing of the IP slowed his network, so he would think he had succeeded.

At the same time on the

server upgrade installation, anti CC, anti DDOS attack firewall, 10G is the best hard, if it is 50G hard, so more good. The program and database of the website are separated, do not use the same IP, the database puts a place, and the space adopts the cloud server. Be sure not to use the windows server, the server security first best. Turn off unnecessary ports and modify TCP settings.

At present, the domestic

some criminals use love about 45G attack traffic, for less than 45G traffic attack, can prevent live, if more than 50G, will, after all, the other DDOS for a week, then the loss is great, sometimes competitors hire bad guy, sometimes bad guy want to attack you then, from blackmail you money. The best thing to do is to make a backup copy of the website, keep the evidence, and then call the police.

if the server in a foreign country, so it is a pity that, the network also incapable of action. The general supervisor, will tell you that DDOS attacks, not good evidence, the server in a foreign country, "

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