Li Xiang sixteen years of entrepreneurial experience how to a vertical media to achieve the first pl


note: Li Xiang, founder of the car home site, former president of the car home. Li Xiang is a typical representative of 80, 1998 still in high school, Li Xiang began to do a personal website, registered in 2000 and began operations, senior high school, Li Xiang let in China become an independent school in the Internet industry. In 2005, Li Xiang led the team from IT products to the automotive industry expansion, the creation of the home of the car website. At present, the car home has grown into the world’s largest car site, by the end of 2012, the car home to achieve a monthly coverage of 80 million users. In July 2015, Li Xiang, outgoing president, continued to serve as managing shareholder.

so what was the most important experience he learned in these ten years? The following article comes from his sharing, from Sina, micro-blog:

author (Li Xiang) Note: This is my time to go to latitude and longitude investment and chat with them, stenographer help me to chat content recorded down the finishing. There are some mistakes in shorthand because of the large internal capacity. I think, or reorganize the original, the inside of the typos and wrong data were modified to avoid misleading to the reader. However, I am still grateful for the help of Jingwei and shorthand, which is indeed my real record in the past ten years.

experience 1: users are always the most important

first from my own introduction, after 80 entrepreneurship. I really contact the computer from the beginning of the high, before the fact that the family can not afford to buy a computer, so I basically from the first to the third day, bought all the computer newspapers and magazines on the market, it kept looking. Gao bought the first computer, at that time, the first computer was about 8000 bucks, Pentium 133. When I bought my computer, I found these newspapers and magazines very unreliable. I always thought the editors and the authors were right. When I really touch the computer, they found 90% write shit.

so the first thing I did at that time, I wrote it on the most popular style in the market, how to choose a computer, choose a card, and write something like that. Was lucky, my first article was cast, "computer information" published the full text, for a full page, and basically did not change. That was my first income when I was a senior, about 600 dollars. Then I kept writing, write very much.

time to about half of the dial, the popularity of BBS, we use 14.4K Modem to start dialing, and mailing list as to discuss issues including recrimination. By the time I was in my sophomore year, I began to have personal websites, and I was able to surf the internet. I applied for my personal website, which is called the home of the video card, because the 3D display card was the hottest one at that time. At that time, I was ranked first in my port of information and another competitor ranked second. The second one, and then my partner

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