Community O2O platform how to monopolize 70% user demand

does not write the concept, but tells the reader what to do first and what to do in the second step. The goal is to build a community O2O integrated platform, which will monopolize 70% consumer demand and 50% service needs.

the basic idea is: the establishment of community supermarket, the establishment of the APP online platform, invite the community nearby merchants settled in APP, the customer to the settled merchants consumption or purchase of goods online and earn points, integral can enjoy member price in the community supermarket. Store low membership price and integration is the guiding tool, the purpose is to train consumers, accustomed to using APP.

APP evaluation system for merchants to supervise the promotion of service, APP online shopping orders, small areas of centralized distribution, reduce delivery costs, partner system to enhance the shopping experience, APP fragmentation shopping, change consumption patterns. Integration is a means, cost reduction and experience promotion is the core competitiveness, and ultimately to make most of the shopping needs and service needs of consumers through APP and community supermarkets.

step 1: build community supermarket

builds supermarkets in densely populated communities, about 2000-4000 single items, 100-200 square meters, and operates common, fresh goods (including pork, vegetables and fruit), but complex stores such as live birds and fish are not available. The reason is to strengthen the management of fresh products to attract customers, fresh commodities price will attract more customers, and is hard to solve the fresh demand, only fresh demand, in order to fully adhere to the customer, the customer to change the market or shopping habits.


of each commodity price tag has 2 prices, one is the sales price, the two member price, member price characters display, sales price is small. For example, Coca-Cola, the selling price of 2.5 yuan / bottle, membership price equals 1.9 yuan +6 integral / bottle.

each integral value 0.1 yuan, as long as customers download, install APP and use mobile phone number certification registration, then present 1000 points, about 100 yuan worth.

community supermarket sales and market prices flat, and most of the commodity member price is very low, but to enjoy the membership price, need to spend points. If a customer buys a coke and brushes the phone APP at the checkout, the customer only needs to pay 1.9 yuan and deduct 6 points.

is not the purchase of all merchandise in the store will cost the general integral, the more sensitive the products cost more points, and non sensitive commodities may be integral, such as quilt, sale price 109 yuan / bed, member price 99 yuan to send 50 points / bed. This represents the customer checkout brush APP not only the price as long as 99 yuan, and gave 50 points.

This is the reason

set the price sensitive products low margin, high margin non sensitive goods, sensitive commodity price sales, is conducive to the establishment of low-cost impression in the minds of customers, non sensitive goods Maori high tanjie can attract customers to buy. Customers can only remember the market price of sensitive goods, and use the non sensitive commodities to subsidize the loss of sensitive products, which makes sensitive goods more valuable

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