Attitude decides height answer from the website interlocution paragraph speak word

the two day of my research site in the Q & a section SEO, seeing the vast majority of medical, legal and other industry websites (including well-known websites) answer the Q & a section XiMoRuJin, a few words or a few words sent the questioner, sigh, so ask is not set to a good forum.


A lot of

industry site Q & a section are XiMoRuJin,

get throught a thing carelessly

most of the small and medium-sized industry website was set up by some Q & a section, is to come to consult business (or call) in consultation with professional showcase typical questions answered, guide the confused questions of users, strengthening the interactive website, effectively increase website user experience, professional and authoritative to better highlight their site.

The original set no ground for blame websites such as

column, "but if you are not sincere, not moving, the absent-minded, passing the answer can not display professional website, to achieve a good user experience, will only make the caller to see your website perfunctory attitude.

statistical data show that CCTV news broadcast announcer speed of 120 words / minute (general telephone consultation or face-to-face consultation, speech rate should be faster). But the vast majority of the site Q & a section of dozens of characters (less than a minute q) makes clear professional problems of users — regardless of whether you answer and appropriately, so "less than 100" XiMoRuJin, will only make your website consultants and readers don’t respect the questioner’s impression you are Bian Que Hua Tuo, website expert BaoQingTian and


imagine, if we ask a professional expert consult your tangled, but in the novel "the monk that kept secret" motto — always answer his words or dozens of words to answer, we feel


replied casually with a pen, to ask and ask, is a reflection of the website operators do stand attitude of the professional is not attention — even some websites even ask questions or answer a serious mistake, a big joke.

a gallstone disease a quiz question is "how to eat gallstones" (the questioner means "gallstone patients how to eat only healthy"), but "gallstones how eat" has had a large ambiguity – it is very easy to be understood as "gallstones or steamed, braised, salad, fried dishes taste, let a person ridiculous, so the user experience of the website as can be imagined.

in addition to direct advisory services, strengthen the interaction with potential users outside the effective questioning website good user experience, the vast majority of enterprise website set up the Q & a section and SEO – targeting more search users hope their problems immediately get the authority to answer, answer search search directly in the search engine input psychological problems, hope that through this special.

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