Differences and characteristics between entrepreneurs and professionals

was over 1 in the morning and chatted with a friend on QQ. It seemed to me that she had seen my shadow again. There is an interesting topic to talk about, the difference and characteristics between entrepreneur and professional person.

I’ve always positioned myself as a grassroots entrepreneur. And many people want to start a business, but always think, did not really move, or dare not venture to venture, risk is proportional to interest. For those who do not want to do it, not real entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurial fantasy. There is also a professional person, they would like to use the company’s platform to develop themselves, improve their ability and income, while getting higher positions.


is responsible for the operation of Mobile rural information network (www.12582.com), a lot of, the rural information network industry from the last several, now do the industry first, from independent IP20 to the station, the development of today’s independent IP8000. Although the rural information network has not been successful so far, it is at least a step forward and has reached a new stage. In this process, naturally pay a lot of sweat, the most important is to change the way I think many, and ways of doing things, used to work in the company’s way of thinking and way of doing things, that is often wrong in the business, if the first venture, gained some experience, and then go to work if the experience is often the most valuable.

1: entrepreneurs are more responsible than professionals,

worked in the company before, doing projects, doing things, never now entrepreneurial, then the intentions of doing things. For example, a planning activities in the company, generally there are several people together to plan, execute and complete, in the process, often found some shortcomings or disadvantages, but also not too active to correct, because of it, will involve other colleagues, strong sense of responsibility. And entrepreneurship, then, without a strong sense of responsibility, is doomed to failure.

two: entrepreneurs pay attention to the whole, professional people pay more attention to local

in the operation of rural information network in the process, often consider the problem, always consider a lot, not only to long-term considerations, but also to consider in all aspects. But when I was working in a company, I always thought about it locally or in front of me. For example, when doing soft propaganda, I have in the company, more is to the immediate interests of the write operation, but now the rural information network, while doing soft propaganda, will consider after half a year later, the rural information network strategy and objectives, so the overall planning of the soft starting point and content.

three: entrepreneurs for career and ideals, professional people for jobs and salaries,

had just started when responsible for the operation of rural information network, traffic is extremely small, and the market at the same time there are several strong competitors, and registered members and not much active membership degree is not high, in this situation, I put the industry.

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