You can do so like a hundred dishes so you can eat and drink off season

will always do catering to consumers as the center, only what are the interests of consumers first, so consumers will trust you and depend on you, only get consumers to support your catering industry can be very influential. Just like a hundred porridge to do your business.

delicious food, public identity. The traditional food of high nutritional value, but the meal is slow, technology is not easy to copy, in view of the above characteristics, taste of porridge congee shop Wu improved Chinese technology, technology standardization, greatly reduce the cost and time, but also into the TCM theory, the dual characteristics of both brand nutrition and delicious, set off a boom in the market!


shop top four stores, no off-season: porridge + + + tea pie dishes, taste the gruel house congee shop franchisee can also according to their own circumstances, decide whether to join the cooking operation project diversity, early in the evening dinner time, can also launch the afternoon tea, supper, business is good to overflowing


simple operation, package teaching package will be: all the porridge nutrition formula headquarters personally deployment, the taste of porridge porridge shop franchisee only on the basis of the package, and then add some ingredients can be. After joining the business to the headquarters for free learning, professional trainers will be on-site training to ensure that your technology has been recognized by the public. How much do you charge for a hundred congee?

taste porridge join fee


first joined the business for many people, the headquarters can provide support is a more critical factor, in order to protect these people’s career success, but also taste congee shop headquarters to provide the most powerful and comprehensive security system, so that each one can get the author’s career breakthrough.

taste of porridge no initial fee, the investment company received for technical training fees, assessment fees, store design, store location cost, equipment delivery cost, training cost of accommodation, new technology update cost service cost. Venture shop is 12800 yuan, the standard store is $16800, the flagship store is $35800.

did not join the fee, does not mean that you do not need to invest, to join the taste of porridge, not the rent, the basic cost of 30 thousand yuan shop, standard store base costs 5-10 yuan, the flagship store base costs 10-20 million. Including decoration, tableware, learning costs, equipment costs, etc.. Requires a certain degree of organization and management ability, management, sales or food and beverage experience, no bad records.

Join the

taste of porridge, the headquarters of all support, easy to set up shop, gift tableware: easy to join, taste the gruel house congee shop headquarters equipment, gift tableware, free of charge to assist the site selection and design of the store, the real cost of small business, money is not to worry about


100 flavor porridge can join the following branch

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