Six points analysis of WAP diagram station

ha ha, it’s been a long time since I knew admin5. The earliest is in the Yi domain, know the king of the picture. In a few years. It’s the first time to publish an article here.

I can’t write. It’s easy to write.

do a WAP station, the first point is positioning. Do a WAP map station, of course, have to give yourself positioning, is to do mobile wallpaper, or beauty, or to do the subject. You have to have a picture of the station site Daquan, comparative analysis of their own in which convenient development, more promising.

second points, is to take into account the various characteristics of mobile phones. To do mobile WAP, unlike WEB has so much bandwidth, such a large screen; so when you do stand, should take full account of the mobile phone model, GPRS traffic. The layout of the site should be more concise and clear. Let users use limited traffic to get more information!


third, that’s the space. The feeling of mobile or telecom space has little impact on cell phone browsing. I’ve changed several spaces, and I feel almost the same.

fourth points, to do WAP map, the station is to modify the size of the picture, modify the picture size, plus LOGO and the like. I feel the software of the Internet sunshine is good. It’s convenient. The Chinese Army address: under the Chinese army, we don’t think this is AD.

fifth, the station started, or the same as other WAP station start exchange connection, this exchange connection than WEB played a lot of effect. To do fame, we want to find big points navigation cooperation, long time, fame out. WAP, no Baidu, ha ha, in WAP, he is not the boss.

sixth points, the promotion method on WEB, as applicable in WAP.

let’s just say that briefly. If you’re interested, I’ll write it carefully next time.

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